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Patches posted a comment on Thursday 18th November 2010 6:37am

This is a really different view of "Santa Claws!" Sorry for the pun! A really inventive idea. It would explain the lack of Gods and Goddesses in our modern world. Thanks for a unique image to ponder. pms

Alexeyy posted a comment on Monday 1st February 2010 4:16pm

You Americans and your superheros. :)

Anthony May posted a comment on Wednesday 13th January 2010 12:40pm

I understood that this was a work of fiction and found it to be quite interesting and enjoyable.

Riegert8 posted a comment on Wednesday 13th January 2010 2:13am

This is a very good story,Original Works are more fun to read then Harry Potter Fanfiction. In fanfiction the author borrow someone else Characters and storyline, but in Original story's that I could see how the Author created a character and see how the character is developed during the story.

I put a book called "Horror, Humor, And Heroes" on my wish list for my Amazon account, I notice the author name for the book and this story seem to be the same. If you wrote that book then I will try get the book as soon as possible, But I want to check with you first in case that I am wrong.

rune1806 posted a comment on Wednesday 13th January 2010 12:44am

What a interesting idea the myths of old have more to them then we think. We who now know everything and are so sure we are right. lol

joeBob posted a comment on Tuesday 12th January 2010 11:40pm

Well, it started looking like this was Santa Clause versus Jesus. Except that Jesus was not born in December (or Winter) he was most likely born around August (Fall) but possible born in spring. ;-) (Jesus was also born before 4 BC.)

This story was clever and somewhat humorous, it just was a little too coy and a little too dry. So, B+ instead of A+, IMO.

Ken Warner posted a comment on Tuesday 12th January 2010 5:04pm

I do not see why anyone should be offended, although there are many who seem to see offense where none is intended.
I kind of like the thought of Santa Claus being the current guise for the last of the old Gods - in a story - since as a devout monotheist I have to 'worship the one true" ;)

nice little story, and a nice twist on the question of exactly how long can god survive the demise of their last worshipper.


Wolfric posted a comment on Tuesday 12th January 2010 2:42pm

Good story. Thanks for writing. W.

Jizzle posted a comment on Tuesday 12th January 2010 12:34pm

I really don't know how devout Christians could be offended by this. The bible does say that Jesus coming back will result in apocalypse. So, you know, it's not like Santa/viking god dude here has an inaccurate idea of what will happen.

I like how in addition to being able to read this as being about polytheism vs. monotheism, you could read it as being about how contemporary Christmas tradition with its Santa and its materialism is actually kind of contrary to Christ. Very cool story.

Carol Layland posted a comment on Tuesday 12th January 2010 12:32pm

Hi JBern, Before I retired I was a High School Engish Teacher and from that knowledge and the experience that correcting 35 years of handed in papers I make my reviews as nice as possible.
The writing in this story was as grammatically correct as it could possibly be. The spelling very nicely done but the whole story was vague and not really defined as to the purpose behind it. The term usurper was never really defined and so the protagonist was left in a shadow that did not explain his actions or define his point of view so that the reader understood what he (the reader) was expected to get out of the story. Perhaps if you had located the story a little more suscintly it would have made the whole story a little more understandable.
Most respectfuly
Carol Layland

Clell65619 posted a comment on Tuesday 12th January 2010 11:42am

- Very cool. I've seen the Santa vs Jesus fight before, but never an explanation for the conflict.