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Anthony May posted a comment on Friday 12th February 2010 7:11pm for Flowers for Padma

The Mighty J-Bern. It truly is a delight to see you have updated. All of your stories are on a level far above the above-average! Can't wait for the next update - also dying for an update on Turn Me Loose too!

whatareyouevensaying posted a comment on Friday 12th February 2010 5:52pm for Flowers for Padma

Incredible update, you really brought this story up to another level this time. It was great as a humor piece, don't get me wrong, but this chapter was richer. Good thing Harry doesn't care as much as most about his reputation.

Looking forward to more.

lmahlerdd posted a comment on Friday 12th February 2010 5:21pm for Flowers for Padma

Great Chapter. I've been reading your stuff for a while now, but I'm a self-admitted horrible reviewer (for which I apologize). I really enjoyed Padma's description of losing her knowledge toward the end, it was simple and powerful. Thanks for the great reads, and I promise to be a better reviewer from now on:)

Riegert8 posted a comment on Friday 12th February 2010 4:07pm for Flowers for Padma

Good chapter

Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Friday 12th February 2010 3:42pm for Flowers for Padma

Something I forgot to mention on ffn that I thought was cool was the two sticks tying in there, with both of them leading to the destruction of horcruxes then. Will look forward to what happens in year six, and what this may mean as Harry has already done a lot of the work, and if Dumbledore will try to do better by him, especially as he'd done so with Umbridge's detentions, and hoping that Delores will get hers that she didn't seem to in the canon.

Black's Phoenix posted a comment on Friday 12th February 2010 3:40pm for Flowers for Padma

To be honest I kinda feel like the whole Luna relationship was a cop out. Out of all the possibilities I would have thought you would have gone for something different. Going with Luna seems like too obvious of a choice as of course he would end up with the girl that is just as wierd as him.

Clell65619 posted a comment on Friday 12th February 2010 1:33pm for Flowers for Padma

- wow.

- Not much else to say. I realized what was happening as I read it, but still, wow. While the previous chapters were all hoots, this one is... well, maybe not deep, but at very least intense.

- An excellent resolution for Umbridge...

- Poor Padma.

- Luna it seems is a pushy broad. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, she knows what she wants and does what she needs to do to get it. Next year looks to be fun.

- I'm finding it highly amusing that loopy!Harry is getting more tail than canon!Harry ever thought about.

kdsmashedpotatoes posted a comment on Friday 12th February 2010 1:01pm for Flowers for Padma

GREAT chapter! I like how everything was planned out, especially with the horcruxes.

Also, I loved the stick action in there. Kreacher and Luna, both whacking people to save the day. Fantastic. Only thing better would be a duel between the two.

And the Clue reference made me laugh out loud.

Thanks for the update! ^^