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Crys posted a comment on Sunday 6th January 2013 9:36am for The Dog Runs Fast

so Racetrack is tied to the Graystones . . . Huh. Not sure if that'll be important later, but an interesting factoid.

Imagine Gaeta's (or Tyrol's) reaction if Harry points his wand at a broken Viper VII. "Reparo." Okay, probably too complex a machine to fix with one hit, but you get my point. Clean the air scrubbers, transfigure or conjure a part that isn't available any longer . . .

Gotta avoid becoming Baltar's science project, though.

Hmm. That Cup. Talk about a money-maker in the short run. And assuming he's on the fleet, that'd solve many of the medicinal problems. If he uses it that way, anyway. Give him a little high end ambrosia or wine and he can start producing the same stuff by the gallon.

Nice touch on making the lemonade both sweeter and using frozen lemonade in place of ice cubes. Most of the world "looks" the same, but there are enough differences that it keeps emphasizing that it isn't England (or Kansas) anymore.

Speaking of, not so sure why the tape machine and songs. If that was just a list of what he happened to have on him, fine. But then why not have any "real" food as well?

You know, to the right people, his magic won't totally freak them out. The priestesses, oracles, whatever they are already do something that looks suspiciously like divination. He'd become a religious figure if he did magic, but he could openly do it. Not advocating anything, just making an observation.

What happens if you Stun a cylon centurion? What happens if you stun a skinjob? I suspect we'll find out in 10 years or so.

Looking forward to more.

PS: didn't get the e-mail notification. Did I not sign up for the right category of your stories, or did you not send the e-mail this time?

Mark Blaine posted a comment on Saturday 5th January 2013 3:52pm for The Dog Runs Fast

I do like this. Not so much as I like the "Harry uses Trelawney's magic" story, honestly. A battle defeating Tom Riddle with no sign of aftermath is disapopointing.

You could have counterpointed, alternating between "Harry" chapters with the fight against Riddler, and Hermione and Ron chapters where Hermione and Ron deal with the colonials (American colonials). But that would have cut the story speed by half, so I can understand not doing it.

Good work, the pre-veil stuff felt compressed, perhaps, but not rushed, which is great.

amulder posted a comment on Thursday 3rd January 2013 8:59pm for The Dog Runs Fast

Ummm, is this going to drive me nuts since I saw very little of the Battleship Galactica reboot ?? I watched the original one in the 70s, but didn't have cable when the new one came out so I only saw a few. :-(

Otherwise, I am liking this new chapter. It's fun seeing Harry adapt, confused though he is. With all those wands, I like that he has spares, and also options if he ever bumps into another person who can do magic.

Hmm, no magic creatures either, eh? Has he tried concentrating on summoning Fawkes? Or tried calling for Dobby? Not much chance, but desperate times...

thanks for sharing

Orion posted a comment on Thursday 3rd January 2013 8:55pm for The Dog Runs Fast

Great! I loved the 2003 BSG and enjoyed Caprica as well. Other than the very start of the miniseries that started the entire reboot, we've not seen anything of colonial society post cylon war, so I look forward to seeing more of how you interpret it.

Thanks for writing and sharing you work with us, and Happy New Year!

Glacialis1 posted a comment on Thursday 3rd January 2013 4:12pm for The Dog Runs Fast

Brilliant introduction, which has a nice easy transition from the old world to the new one

Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Thursday 3rd January 2013 3:23pm for The Dog Runs Fast

Considering how tings went with the Cylon war, I can see why they might be a more wired society, just wonder how it was that the virus the Cylons helped sneak into the combat systems was uploaded to jump, as it must have slipped around the anti-virus stuff, that or piggybacked maybe on Baltar's code? Will be most curious to see what might happen next with Maggie, and if Harry's skills at his game might lead to him being recruited for the Colonial fleet? Very much a great read and will look forward to what happens next time.