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Kairan1979 posted a comment on Thursday 21st May 2015 2:25pm for A Chat in the Breakroom

Dumbledore really isn't doing himself favors. Instead of trying to comfort Harry, he is reprimanding him. While running to fight the Dark Lord without backup isn't smartest of choices, I don't see Dumbledore offering any alternatives.

Aurilia posted a comment on Thursday 23rd July 2009 2:08am for A Chat in the Breakroom

I find myself thoroughly enjoying the unwinnable argument betwixt Harry and Albus. Very rarely do I get to see a tale wherein someone has realized that neither of them are right or wrong in their opinions (which is precisely what they are). Bravo.

fyrecat posted a comment on Wednesday 17th December 2008 6:00pm for A Chat in the Breakroom

Very nice. This is the first rational explanation I have ever seen offered for Dumbledore's actions. Well done!

JBern replied:

Thanks.   I hate those one sided arguments where Harry (usually) completely dominates Dumbledore.

GryffindorDragon posted a comment on Monday 8th September 2008 9:05am for A Chat in the Breakroom

I think you did a very good job with the argument between Harry and Dumbledore. Though I think Harry missed a telling point: If I had stayed put, "sir", or taken time to try to contact someone, Susan would probably now be dead or hidden away somewhere being tortured by DEs. I took the only available course of action to save lives." While responding in anger and attacking Dumbledore's poor decision-making may have worked well, it left Dumbledore's and Snapes estimation that Harry acted irresponsibly intact. But neither has offered a viable alternative. Perhaps sometimes the only good choice is the irresponsible one.

JBern replied:

Yeah, sometimes arguments just go that way.   No one wins or makes all the perfect points.~Jim

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 4:36pm for A Chat in the Breakroom

Yeah, I alsways said Dumbles needed a brain transplant. Harry, unfortunately, had more valid points than Dumbles did. Having said that, DUmbles' points had a validity which may have over-ridden some of Harry's, if Dumbles hadn't missed Harry's point. What good is a Wzarding saviour who can't do what's expected of hime because all he knows is suffering and hate? That's what Dumbles' machinations have caused, now Dumbles reaps the benefits. Will he ever work that out?

JBern replied:

I like those arguments where no one is completely right.   It adds a sense of realism to things.~Jim

Armand posted a comment on Friday 22nd February 2008 4:37pm for A Chat in the Breakroom

hmmm, i'll give you that one about neither Dumbledore nore Harry was right in thier argument. but in my opinion Harry was a bit more right in his arguments. just my honest opinion. by the way, great fic you have here. third time reading it. ;) lol

JBern replied:

Well, you have to give Harry and edge, but Dumbledore did have a few points in there.~Jim

KingsleyforPM posted a comment on Saturday 4th August 2007 6:47pm for A Chat in the Breakroom

"How do you expect me to control my anger when you surround me with Malfoy, Snape and the Dursleys? Is there a reason why Gryffindor always has so many classes with Slytherin? Every potion class, I had to focus on whether the Slytherins were going to sabotage my work, try and block out the 'teacher's' taunts and worry about whether my work would be graded poorly or simply vanished and not graded at all! Last year, I even got to have private lessons with Snape directly attacking my mind! What contest in hell did I win to get that? What a great argument, and soo true

JBern replied:

One of my favorite speeches form the story.~Jim

Merle Corey posted a comment on Sunday 14th January 2007 5:43am for A Chat in the Breakroom

The discussion between the Headmaster and Harry was a powerful scene. It is not often that an unresolved dissagreement is written between the two, even in fan ficiton, or perhaps especially then. The ponderings of Snape, and the possible rationalizations for the Defense Professors was something of which I had not thought, and is entirely plausible. This was another very good chapter!

JBern replied:

Thank you for the compliments.   Sorry it took a while for the reply.   As I strive for realism, I know that very few things in the real world are resolved in a single sitting.~Jim

Meteoricshipyards posted a comment on Wednesday 15th November 2006 7:32am for A Chat in the Breakroom

Nice confrontation between Harry and Dumbledore. Good chapter.

Nice touch at the end having Harry send the note to Neville.

Good work. Thank you for sharing it.

Tom A.

JBern replied:

Thanks.   Glad you enjoyed it.~Jim

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Monday 13th November 2006 12:39pm for A Chat in the Breakroom

One of the better Harry/Dumbledore confrontations that I've read. You give both of them good and bad points to defend. Realistic.

The note to Neville was choice.

JBern replied:

I like realistic conversations - the kind where no on is ever completely right or wrong.~Jim

Asad posted a comment on Saturday 11th November 2006 3:37am for A Chat in the Breakroom

Just curious but shouldn't 'breakroom' be 'restroom'?

JBern replied:

Not really.   Snape went to the restroom.   Dumbledore and Harry went to the breakroom. ~Jim

Hagrid posted a comment on Monday 6th November 2006 12:45pm for A Chat in the Breakroom

How much Mrs. Scour's powder did yer need ter clean yer keys after that revoltin', no, make that amazing portrial of Snape? And yes, Albus has seen better nights than this one.

JBern replied:

Not so much powder.   Poor Albus.   He's old and he's got problems. ~Jim