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Kairan1979 posted a comment on Thursday 21st May 2015 2:50pm for Azkaban on the Brink

I liked your 'teaching Patronus' scene. Nice way to drive the point home that Ginny missed her chance.

I wonder if Harry's verbal arrow about cowardice will drive him and his former friends further apart.

Moody is trying to 'get a drop' on Voldemort? Oblivously, Dumbledore neglected to tell him the Prophecy, or the paranoid Auror simply doesn't believe in Divination.

fyrecat posted a comment on Thursday 18th December 2008 12:28pm for Azkaban on the Brink

Great Chapter! I love Harry's patronus!

JBern replied:


Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Tuesday 14th November 2006 6:09am for Azkaban on the Brink

Motivating Patronus lesson - how fun.

Killer patronus - only Harry, better than the next best thing.

Gripping fight for the rock.

JBern replied:

In all too many fics, someone runs into #12 and says "Azkaban has been cleaned out!"

I thought wouldn't it be more fun to see it happen?   The 'patronus kiss' has been done in several stories, but I think it came off well.   There will be more on Harry's patronus later and it becomes important to the overall storyline.~Jim

anonymous5 posted a comment on Friday 10th November 2006 4:53pm for Azkaban on the Brink

"Her partner was gone as were both police officers four of the six firefighters."

...I'm thinkin' you might need an "and" in there somewhere. Also, closing quotes are in order in the last paragraph describing events from Voldemort's point of view - it just runs from his statement right into a description of what he does.

"He simply pointed his wand at the dementor, felt that same draining pulse of energy and said the only thing that came to mind."

I've read so, so many fics that involve Harry having some special knack for killing dementors... and this one treats it the best of all! That was a blast to read. You've got solid talent for what I consider an appropriate level of drama. I also really like the way you had Moody set things up in the last paragraph... good times, even if we all know in advance that it'll be for naught until Harry does his thing. I'm really looking forward to reading how it plays out!

JBern replied:

Thanks for the grammatical nitpicks.   I'll add them to the growing list of things that need 'fixin'.   Much more on Harry and the dementors coming soon.~Jim

Mark Blaine posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 11:49am for Azkaban on the Brink

Good work. I liked the thought of Hufflepuffs feeling like others regarded them as the remainders.

JBern replied:

You notice that there are very few stories that strongly feature Hufflepuffs.~Jim

Todd Rodgers posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 9:39am for Azkaban on the Brink

Lurrrrrrrve this action -- this has the foundation of a really good adventure and I hope you'll continue the chapter.

JBern replied:

Next chapter is already up.   The rest of hte chapters will be up soon to catch you up to chapter 25.   Thanks for the review.~Jim