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Abraxan posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd August 2010 5:03pm for Complications

I love Susan's response to Harry burning up the paper. She's a good match for him.


Aurilia posted a comment on Friday 24th July 2009 2:55pm for Complications

Have I mentioned yet how much I enjoy your version of Voldemort? Each time I read a segment that focuses on the Dark Lord, I can't help but recall that Saddam Hussein was considered to be a charismatic and well-loved leader by his supporters for all that he was painted as a bigoted and short-sighted dictator in the press.

fyrecat posted a comment on Monday 22nd December 2008 2:02pm for Complications

Hmmm... I can't really say that I disagree with Voldie's manifesto. I think he's going about it the wrong way, but he certainly thought this through!

JBern replied:

Glad you liked Voldemort's manifesto.   I probably had the most fun writing articles as Rita Skeeter in this one.~Jim

Brian Donnely posted a comment on Saturday 29th December 2007 8:37pm for Complications

Neville's comment about falling and breaking his neck after killing that kid made me chuckle. Good ol' dark humor. He's becoming rather cold-blooded, isn't he?

Voldemort talking about Muggles using nuclear weapons on the magical people makes me have to go read Rommel's After the Storm again, as it's about exactly that.

And as usual, Charlie/Narcissa interaction makes me squee like a little school girl.

JBern replied:

Glad you continue to appreciate the story.   I hope my characterzations of Voldemort, Neville, Charlie and Narcissa continue to stick with you long after the story ends.~Jim

David305 posted a comment on Friday 16th November 2007 6:24pm for Complications

" her hair would on a life of its own" would Take on

"What clever little spells keeping our lands and homes hidden will protect us from their insipid technology?"
Insipid means bland, vapid, uninteresting, and perhaps weak. I think you meant insidious, which means stealthily treacherous, though that too is not a best choice of words. I'd suggest potent, overwhelming or ferocious, because that's what an h-bomb is next to a stunner.

"I asked what I could tell me about this prophecy" what He could tell me


JBern replied:

Thanks again.   If you're interested in doing rebeta work on this critter email me.~Jim

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Saturday 12th May 2007 9:12pm for Complications

Its taken me a while to get to read this for some reason, but without further ado I will review as I know how much you like it when us readers do!
Great opening to the chapter. Neville is so cold that he joked about falling off a broom if he tried for the Quidditch team. Lol! So funny!
Sometimes your ideas just work so well that its kind of scary. Harry buying the Malfoy house, Susan joking with Harry about fireproof knickers when he is pissed off over old Voldie's manifesto.
Now, onto Voldie's manifesto what pure genius. I've commented on how realistic you make Voldemort, you manage to create a borderline psychopath that still retains some of the charm that he must have had to gain so many fanatical followers.
My only quibble with this story has to actually be Susan. She is well written and I think stays true to what we know of her in cannon. Its really what we assume we know because she is a 'puff as she isn't used much in the books. She just seems wet and almost weak in comparison to the strength of your Harry. I think she seems to be grounding him and trying to help save him from himself so to speak but at times she seems like the comic relief to ease tension. Sounds like I'm ranting and I don't mean it quite as badly as it sounds, I think your a great writer just thought I would give you some of my thoughts on what is a large and integral character.
Thanks for writing!

JBern replied:

Well, you get the reply even though Monkey wrote this review.   Because of the pregnancy, Susan will take a grounding role in Harry's life.   Unlike many other heroines in other stories, she realizes how badly out classed she is by Harry.   I think she's had some good moments throughout the story, the battle in the Gringott's lobby comes to mind.~Jim

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Wednesday 18th April 2007 8:05pm for Complications

I still find Narcissa bizarre but so very fun. The interaction between her and Charlie is very amusing.

No way would a reporter like Rita ever pass up an opportunity like that. The Dark Lord's manifesto was superb for the simple reason that it made Voldemort a believable leader. None of this "You did good work. Crucio!" business that would surely have a Malfoy running for his wand. All these Death Eaters must have a reason for following Voldemort other than masochism and you provided it.

JBern replied:

Well now that chapter 33 is up you'll be shocked by Narcissa's next interactions.   (If MonkeyAxman gave you the unedited not toned down piece, you'll probably be very shocked!)


Alorkin posted a comment on Wednesday 14th March 2007 8:54am for Complications

I take it Neville is selectively targeting the children of Death Eaters. He's has to be very carefull, though. Sooner or later, someone is going to put two and three together, and come up with what ever that makes. He also has to watch his proximity to each 'accident'.

It's about time somemone from the ministry, even unofficially, accurately describes the threat from Voldemmort. The current administration sems to hav something in common with the last. Ignore the problem, and it will go away.
Dawlish is brutal! Are you certain you've never met my first martial arts instructor?

Interview with a Voldemort: Sounds like a good movie. Rita, as self-promoting as she is, shows a great deal of courage in facing Voldemort on her own, even if the battle is on paper.

Ah, I see I was correct. Coedus DID see what Neville was doing. As he said, it wouldn't take much for others to notice, too.

I'm glad you intend to send dolohov back to a bodybag. (*whispers* "I didn't like what he did to Hermione in the DoM.")

The interview: You studied under the Russians, didn't you? As with the psy-ops sections of the KGB and GRU, every word was carefully sculpted to deliver the unvarnished truth...with a twist. Voldemort never denied he wanted to conquer the wizarding wrld. He merely subsumed the idea under rhetoric. His Manifesto is his justification for his actions. A neatly delivered and unblockable strike against those who would oppose him.

As always, I eagerly await the next chapter of 'To fight The Coming Darkness'. Alorkin

JBern replied:

Next chapter gets bumped a couple of weeks.   I have a few chapters on my other stories to update.   Yes, Neville's little spree was never meant to last forever...

No I've never met your martial arts instructor, but I bet I've met someone like him.   The Charlie/Narcissa storyline is coming along nicely.

I'm quite proud of the interview with Voldy.   It came off rather nicely and was twisted truth.


James Jago posted a comment on Tuesday 13th March 2007 5:12pm for Complications

Strong original characters, a highly believable portrayal of JKR's people (better than hers at times) and until I read your footnote about biscuits and gravy I thought you were British. I am extremely impressed!

JBern replied:

Nope I'm American, but I'm glad you liked it anyway.   I believe strong and believable characters carry the story.   I hope you continue to read and enjoy.~Jim

Anaknisatanas posted a comment on Monday 12th March 2007 5:35am for Complications

I love the politics in your story. I also like the Goblins and what we've seen of Scarmaker. Neville clearly has some issues, though I can understand neutralizing the DE sympathizers and children, but couldn't he have found a better way rather than killing them? Narcissa is awesome, I love how you write her. Rita is also very in character. I enjoy the interactions between Harry and Susan.

JBern replied:

It's strange that I can get so far into Rita's mindset.   I wonder what that says about me?   Frightening isn't it.   Thanks for the review of the chapter.   I'm updating my other stories first, but I'll be back to this one soon.~Jim

Rake posted a comment on Saturday 10th March 2007 4:25am for Complications

Praise the Gods!

Finally, the filler chapters draw to an end (after this chapter's ending I can presume that much, can't I?)

While I understood why this brake in speed was needed, it doesn't mean I had to like it.

Harry was to much of a secondary character and forgive me for saying this but, in my oppinion, these "filler" chapters were rather bland.

Well, what I'm really trying to say is:

Action packed chapters FTW

JBern replied:

Sorry you didn't like the filler chapters, but they had to be done.   I hope to be able to deliver chapters more to your liking shortly.~Jim

derherr posted a comment on Friday 9th March 2007 6:02am for Complications

I think that is the first time I have ever seen a Voldemort give an interview, to lay out his agenda and spread propaganda. It is very clever and very creative. Good job!

JBern replied:

Most writers including IMO JKR herself do a poor job with Voldemort.   Why would people follow such a villain?   Anyway, more chapters coming soon.~Jim

(deleted) posted a comment on Thursday 8th March 2007 10:50pm for Complications

oooohhhhhhhh!!!! SWEEET I have bever seen an interview with voldie before!

JBern replied:

Thanks.   I hope it was to your liking.   I'm rather proud of it.   More chapters coming soon.~Jim

FULLMETAL posted a comment on Thursday 8th March 2007 4:18am for Complications


JBern replied:

Glad you enjoyed some facets of the story.   Voldy's interview was a calculated move on his part.   Let's see how the other side responds.~Jim

DrT posted a comment on Thursday 8th March 2007 1:01am for Complications

Well, I can hardly argue with Voldemort's claims about Muggle society, as I (and others)have used the same sort of idea before. I hope Hermione will poke holes in the fallicies that surround the rest of his rhetoric (none of the other characters could). Your Neville remains chilling. Susan, as always, wonderful


JBern replied:

Glad you enjoyed it.   Things have been kind of hectic which explains why I am only just now responding to your review 10 days ago, but I thank you for your comments.   I think using Hermione to poke the holes in his rhetoric is a wonderful idea.~Jim

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Wednesday 7th March 2007 2:26pm for Complications

Neville's a bit of a loose canon, isn't he? Effective, though.

Rather a different interpretation of Dawlish than most fics. Same with Sinistra. It's good to see the secondary characters interpreted differently and with more depth.

If I were Harry, I don't know that I'd want to live in the Malfoys' manor for security reasons. And if Draco wasn't pissed enough before...

Narcissa & Charlie are kinda the light spot in the story lately. Says something, doesn't it? :-)

Rita, I would think, would realize that she's being used rather blatantly. In this world, has LV given interviews before?

Lots of political maneuvering and propaganda from LV.

But not much of anything from Harry, or anybody on his side except Neville. Training's all well and good, but he's back to being an obedient little school boy the last few chapters, it seems.

But presumably the last scene indications that's the end of the end. :-)

Thanks for sharing this with us.

JBern replied:

Indeed things are coming to an end.   I'm glad you enjoyed the secondary characters.   Harry has been drifting a bit since the fight with Snape, but that is going to end next chapter.

Hope you continue to enjoy.   I'd write more, but I am way behind on my replies.   :)


Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Wednesday 7th March 2007 1:07pm for Complications

Well, I agree that Neville needs to work a bit more circumspectly, if for no other reasont than that too blatant a set of efforts will cause Harry considerable difficulty. Hia original "let their own nature set 'em up" approach that he used with Goyle would work better, slower, but better and with fewer chances of tracing it back to him.

JBern replied:

Yeah, but the crazy ones never really stop to think do they.~Jim posted a comment on Wednesday 7th March 2007 12:23pm for Complications

OUTSTANDING CHAPTER!!!! I love how Harry got so angry that he picked the table up 6 inchs and the snotrag the prophet burst into flames. I find it very ironic that Harry now owns the Malfoy family home. I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter. Is Harry going to start taking the fight to Voldemort? I also loved how you had Voldemort use the press in an attempt to bring around the public opinion that he's doing that right thing, thats something a politican would do. DO keep up the outstanding work and update soon please:):):):)

JBern replied:

Somehow, I inadvertenly rated this review as a flame (-5) sorry about that.   It was anything but.   Glad you continue to enjoy the stories I am presenting.   More chapters coming soon.~Jim

Wolfric posted a comment on Wednesday 7th March 2007 11:05am for Complications

Thanks for the chapter. I like "executioner Neville" And the idea of Voldemort sitting for an interview with Rita is a hoot. I can't wait for Harry's response to be published. Please keep the good chapters coming; I look forward to them with great anticipation. W.

JBern replied:

Thanks for the review.   I am a bit behind in my replies so I will simply say thanks and more chapters coming soon.~Jim

Eng2000 posted a comment on Wednesday 7th March 2007 7:40am for Complications

Dawlish and the Prod was hilarious. It made me think of the Simpsons when they had the Springfield residents teaching at the school because of a teachers' strike and Jasper (the old guy with the wooden leg) standing at the front of the class, paddle in hand, explaining how his class was going to be run.

"Talking in class. That's a paddlin'. Chewing gum? That's also a paddlin'.....Paddling a canoe. Oh, you better believe that's a paddlin'."

Keep up the good work....or you get a Prodlin'.


JBern replied:

Thanks for the laugh.   I think I remember that episode.   I wanted him to be a strict disciplinarian, but still actually be useful.~Jim