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Keeroo92 posted a comment on Thursday 24th February 2011 3:33pm for Debts Paid in Full

Harry seems to be going dark, and the Abbotts look stupid enough to rival Crabbe and Goyle. Interesting take on life debts. Great chapter! Keep it up!

fyrecat posted a comment on Sunday 21st December 2008 10:17am for Debts Paid in Full

Uh oh, Is this he birth of Dark Lord Potter?

JBern replied:

One of the themes of this story was about losing oneself to the Darkness - the inner war.

Andrius posted a comment on Tuesday 28th October 2008 12:32am for Debts Paid in Full

Wow, I like angry Harry :)

JBern replied:


Brian Donnely posted a comment on Friday 28th December 2007 5:29pm for Debts Paid in Full

Jesus christ that was great. Angry Harry really agrees with me. I was also laughing quite hard at the thought of Harry and Voldemort sitting down and having a chat.

Best chapter so far, I'd say. Though Hagrid's death comes damn close.

JBern replied:

Glad you liked the resolution of Peter's life debt.~Jim

KingsleyforPM posted a comment on Sunday 5th August 2007 12:39pm for Debts Paid in Full

haaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha what a great ending u rule

JBern replied:

Thanks.   Glad you enjoyed it.~Jim

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Wednesday 18th April 2007 8:52am for Debts Paid in Full

Harry's plan worked brilliantly. Love the casual way you dispatched Lucius. The Weasley-Abbot blood feud would, I think, be won by the Weasleys by sheer strength of numbers if nothing else. Plus Hysterical Hannah wouldn't have been much good. Oh dear, I suspect the Abbots have just started more than one blood feud. Idiots, no wonder Hufflepuff has such a reputation for being inferior!

JBern replied:

Sometimes deaths like Lucius' need to be sudden and over in an instant.   It adds to the atmosphere of the story.~Jim

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Saturday 3rd March 2007 7:13am for Debts Paid in Full

This chapter only went minutes but it was amazingly action packed. You could have left it Harry blown out of the window, but it was still a cliffhanger.

Simply wonderful writing!

JBern replied:

It was tempting to end the chapter with Harry being blown out of the window, but I didn't want to do another evil cliffhanger after the previous chapter's end.   Thanks again for the compliments.~Jim

M. R. Moore posted a comment on Tuesday 12th December 2006 2:55pm for Debts Paid in Full

'crushing it like a bull in a proverbial china shop', a suggestion, when you come to a scene like this try not use a the same cliche you did several chapters earlier in a similar scene. I know many people remember cliches like this.

Try something more like... smashing through her tripwires and core shield like a semi through a compact. Something more original.

Either way I sense a duel....

JBern replied:

Good point.   Sometimes I have to remember when I have used a metaphor like that to prevent reuse.   I will keep it in mind.   Hope you like the duel when you see it.~Jim