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Aurilia posted a comment on Thursday 23rd July 2009 3:05am for Every Teenage Witch's Fantasy

Applause is definitely deserved for this wonderful peek into a very plausible past for Riddle. And I love how you had him in a relationship with Misha (aside - did you know that 'Misha' is the Russian word for mouse?) - far too many people see the world in such strict shades of black and white that they fail to realize that 'evil' doesn't necessarily mean 'unable to love' or 'unaware of loyalty'; after all, even the damned can love.

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 4:55pm for Every Teenage Witch's Fantasy

Wow. Fascinating. This is great, I loved this chapter. Dark Lord U? Weird, I just thought he read the evil overlord list.

JBern replied:

Thanks.   I wanted to portray a realistic Voldemort.   It came off pretty well.~Jim

Brian Donnely posted a comment on Saturday 22nd December 2007 4:37pm for Every Teenage Witch's Fantasy

Interesting. This is the first story I've read that's actually covering Voldemort's background in depth. I especially like how you're humanazing him, rather than portraying him as this unstoppable-badass-until-he-fights-Harry kind of character. Makes much more sense.

JBern replied:

I take a good deal of pride in my depiction of Riddle in this story.   He's not some carboard cut out villain. Since you've already past the whole chapter with Percy, you know why he seemed a trifle underpowered here at the beginning.   The really cool parts of the story are still to come.   I think you'll like it.~Jim

David305 posted a comment on Monday 12th November 2007 7:03pm for Every Teenage Witch's Fantasy

Still enjoying, and seeing your fine writing style emerge.

"You have already experienced several Portkeys. You know what the around one feels like." I suspect you meant, "You know what the energy around one feels like."

JBern replied:

Yeah, if you want to make me cringe force me to sit there and read the early chapters.   I haven't had a chance to go back and do housekeeping, but I will get around to it someday.~Jim

hjdevnull posted a comment on Wednesday 19th September 2007 1:18am for Every Teenage Witch's Fantasy

Oh, man. This is a really awesome story, but I have to say that your author's note at the end would really make my day: send Voldemort to Dark Lord University. I think I might laugh for days at that one. =)

On a serious note, I like everything about this story so far. Going to continue reading now.

JBern replied:

I hope you have continued to enjoy the story.   Chapter 39 will be up soon and I am about to start on the conclusion - chapter 40.~Jim

Merle Corey posted a comment on Sunday 14th January 2007 6:04am for Every Teenage Witch's Fantasy

The history of Voldemort is quite interesting, and like you mentioned in the author notes, seldom mentioned. Wouldn't the more dangerous couple have the kid that would cause the most problems?

The part where Susan was listening to Harry's nightmares with a pillow over her head, not able to comfort him, was a really good scene.

JBern replied:

I hope you will discover this to be a very different Dark Lord than you are used to.   Hopefully that will also extend to Susan as a love interest.~Jim

MrRobertsIII posted a comment on Tuesday 28th November 2006 2:18am for Every Teenage Witch's Fantasy

Maybe he picked James and Lily because Frank and Alice were the more threatening of the parents?
-Nice idea.

JBern replied:

That's exactly what I was thinking.   Why couldn't that be a possibility?~Jim

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Monday 13th November 2006 12:43pm for Every Teenage Witch's Fantasy

This was a great bit:
"Oh," was the only reply Susan could make while digesting that nugget of information. Inside she was thinking, "What the hell can you say to that? Good show Harry! Tune in to the Dark Lord hour this week on Wizarding Wireless."

I loved it.

The back fill for Voldie was good. I love to back fill, too much probably. I like the idea of Frank and Alice being top notch Voldie fighters.

JBern replied:

Voldy is as much a lead character in this fic as Harry and Susan.~Jim