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LordLexx posted a comment on Wednesday 25th December 2019 11:23am for Not My Best Birthday Ever

Because people are more comfortable writing about a 16 year old having any sort of sexual interactions than a 14 year old.

Aurilia posted a comment on Thursday 23rd July 2009 1:22pm for Not My Best Birthday Ever

Harry, Harry, Harry. Tsk, tsk. You left off the fact that you managed to get through the day without being physically injured, either.

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Tuesday 14th November 2006 12:21pm for Not My Best Birthday Ever

Please make Snape's demised long and painful and at Harry's hand. Let Snivellus know Harry defeated him.

Interesting that your writing can stir such emotions.

Fine work.

JBern replied:

Snape is such an interesting study in character.   I dislike the 'sudden change of heart' version that many author's feed us.   If he is to be redeemed, I want to see a long drawn out and believeable version of it.~Jim

Tanydwr posted a comment on Tuesday 14th November 2006 7:10am for Not My Best Birthday Ever

A nice opposition to many of the stories out there - even if I do like to write happier ones. I try and get a nice balance, but it varies - especially when I use a lot of past lives and ancient magic in my fic.

Excellent story. Harry has definitely grown older and stronger - is that part of his natural growth, or has the Family Ring been contributing to his maturity?

As something of an avid Harry/Ginny 'shipper, part of me dislikes your characterisation of Ginny. The rest of me admires it - as well as that of Mrs Weasley. The idea of her being coddled is interesting, and the scheming mind of Mrs Weasley is shocking. However Ginny's manipulation of Dean and Harry is also good. I do like how Ron isn't being stereotypically classed as an idiot, with Hermione as Harry's staunch supporter. The difference is excellent.

I'm guessing that Emmeline still has a tendre for Bill? The quote about 'the French teenager you're shagging' was quite abrupt. Also emphasised the difference in age - a reason for that?

I like your analysis of Scrimgeour. In HBP, he struck me as competent, but with too few competent staff-members, as well as keeping Umbitch on. Harry's support and straight talking work well here.

The use of suggestion on Tonks was extremely clever - as was Harry's idea for a cure. I found the scene of Voldemort's victory extremely disturbing - well done! Glad Bella's dead though - what a bitch! I do hope Remus makes Tonks feel better.

Penny as evil - certainly an original twist! Although personally I'm not sure I'd feel much loyalty to a man who raped my mother... The 'Mummy Weasley' line was hilarious, and the necklace and Harry's logic a wonderful idea. Mrs Weasley truly seems to only want the best for her family - that why she tried to get Harry and Ginny together? Belief that Harry's the best and 'only the best is suitable for my daughter'? Penny's manipulation of Ginny was incredibly evil - and worrying. The effects of Tom's psyche on Ginny seems far worse, when coupled with your 'smothering' Mrs Weasley.

Keep up the good work, I can't wait to read more.

Lol, Tanydwr

JBern replied:

Wow, kudos for the long review.   I enjoy writing the semi dark for mature audiences.   I don't write smut, what sex is in the stories is 'tastefully done' an usually has a bearing on the story.

I give Ginny a very rotten shake in both stories I have right now.   I actually enjoy reading a good H/G story.   I just don't want to write one.   I took a different approach to her, obviously.   I also do my darndest to keep Susan from turning into the Ginny/Hermione clone that many girlfriends turn into.   How am I doing?

For Penny, I had originally thought to do a one shot to show what led her down this path.   I may still do it, but suffice to say there is in my world certain disadvantages in being Muggleborn in a society that caters to the purebloods.   This version of Voldy fancies himself more of a Che Guevera than a Julius Ceasar if you follow my meaning.

Glad you have enjoyed it so far and I hope to continue to meet your expectations.~Jim

anonymous5 posted a comment on Tuesday 14th November 2006 3:57am for Not My Best Birthday Ever

"Tonks was standing in the room library wonder what was going on."

Come again? Also, the paragraph immediately preceding needs closing quotes.

"Either you are deliberately withholding information from me or you’re the old fool no longer trusts you."

yeah, that too. A bit confusing. It seems like occasionally you go back and rewrite certain phrases without fully clearing the original.

"Ron and Percy drifted away from the two of them — in Percy’s case the drifting was literal."

That's really cute. Nice play on words. :)

JBern replied:

The errors might have been generated during the latest beta work and missed by me prior to posting.   I'll check it out.   Glad you continue to enjoy.~Jim

DrT posted a comment on Tuesday 14th November 2006 2:44am for Not My Best Birthday Ever

"If it wasn’t for the unborn child, I’d just as soon kill her." Harry said shocking the already stunned room.

I really think this says alot about how Harry has changed, and the way he reacts later in the fic.


JBern replied:

Wow.   I pass the test of rereading!   I am glad a writer of your caliber continues to enjoy my stories.   I promise as soon as I get some free time to read and review your latest stuff.   I skimmed it briefly and it looks very interesting.~Jim

Quizer posted a comment on Monday 13th November 2006 2:31pm for Not My Best Birthday Ever

Loved the aftermath. The 'Mummy Weasley' line was just priceless. I hope you'll have more moments of genius like this one.

Voldemort manipulating Tonks with basic psychology is pretty mean, but makes for a good twist that I can appreciate. Hopefully Remus can get her over her it rather soon. If it wasn't for the rape part, the necessity of which I still fail to see, I could see it happening rather quickly.

Remus giving Harry an introduction in conjuring is also pretty neat. I like how you get Harry to learn a lot of different things without making it seem like you are trying to make him all-powerful. You're succeeding really well at making Harry's learning and development convincing. Good job!


JBern replied:

Ah yes the power of suggestion.   Conjuring should be harder and more wasteful than transfiguration.~Jim