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Kairan1979 posted a comment on Thursday 21st May 2015 2:58pm for Of Wicked Witches and Unforgiveables

"Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead."

Reminds me of another story, when Harry actually dropped a house on Voldemort's head.

I'm impressed that Harry was able to use Unforgivables (he couldn't in DOM), and managed to recruit Coedus.

P.S. Who knew Umbridge can be useful for something?

Jeffrey Meehan posted a comment on Tuesday 9th December 2008 4:40pm for Of Wicked Witches and Unforgiveables

Well I am glad that Tonks at least lived an sorry my grief overclouded my judgement your stuff is terrific

JBern replied:


Brian Donnely posted a comment on Monday 24th December 2007 5:21pm for Of Wicked Witches and Unforgiveables

Heh, I look forward to the ramifications (if there are any) of Harry using three Unforgiveables.

JBern replied:

It tarnishes his relationship with Susan a bit and obviously put Harry on Scrimgeour's radar.~Jim

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Tuesday 14th November 2006 7:11am for Of Wicked Witches and Unforgiveables

You do create some of the most complex scenarios and delightfully different events.

Fascinating vampire explanations and building of a tentative alliance.

Great stuff!

JBern replied:

I thought the irony of Harry learning something from Delores was too rich to ignore.   I think you'll enjoy my version of the Wizengamot as well.~Jim

Quizer posted a comment on Monday 13th November 2006 11:22am for Of Wicked Witches and Unforgiveables

This chapter went a lot better than I had anticipated. I'm impressed that you didn't go for the 'Bella's evil twin' scheme, but actually had Tonks rescued this early. I'm not 100% sure something won't go wrong yet, but I'm a lot more hopeful Tonks looking like Bellatrix will not result in every damned 'evil twin' cliché ever invented being used in this story.

Tonks should have remembered though that she needs Bella's corpse to prove her own identity, since she might otherwise be attacked on sight. Sturgis might be able to defuse things, but if not, I'm going to feel very betrayed.

Great job on the hamster animagus form, by the way. It's the first time I've ever seen someone come up with a 'useless' animagus form and use it to good effect. Peter Pettigrew's rat form is actually pretty similiar in use, but usually people try to stay well clear from that. I'm glad you didn't!

It's also nice that Harry has managed to 'recruit' Coedus. I had him pegged dead already, despite you describing his background in a previous scene. I'm looking forward to his and Neville's meeting.


JBern replied:

Well who doesn't love a Hamster?   In my effort to provide a realistic war, things like Bella's rapid end will occur.   War is hell.   War is nasty.   War kills and maims indescriminately.~Jim