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Gardengirl posted a comment on Saturday 6th January 2007 4:40am for Reflections of Anger and Madness

*loves babies*

Nicely done! I liked Bill's Egyptian revenge. Very chillingly satisfying.

The bond is designed to ensure an heir, and I must say that the timing is excellent. Any good man (and I exclude my ex from this) in a bad situation should find the news of impending fatherhood a true motivator. I'm sure she was a bit surprised that her bluff turned out NOT to be a bluff!

Thanks for the update, I hope that your Christmas and New Years' celebrations were great, and keep feeding your muse!

JBern replied:

Glad you love babies.   I was tempted to call the chapter Two Mummies (Aimee and Susan - for different reasons of course...)   Harry should be truly motivated, but I wouldn't expect this to turn into a gushfest.   I have this huge backorder of body bags for this story....   Oh well, must run.   I have to start chapter 29 tomorrow.~Jim

M. R. Moore posted a comment on Saturday 6th January 2007 3:39am for Reflections of Anger and Madness

An interesting chapter and even more interesting end... Sorry I can't give a deep, meaningful reveiw my mind really isn't here this morning.

JBern replied:

One of those I've lost my mind moments?   We all have them.   Glad you liked the chapter.   I start work on 29 tomorrow or Tuesday.~Jim

Sean Dillon posted a comment on Saturday 6th January 2007 3:36am for Reflections of Anger and Madness

First thought on reading about the mummy -- Excellent! Just what she deserves.

Second thought -- them Pharaohs were vindictive.

Glad to see the update and thanks for the positive ending.

JBern replied:

Thanks, though I'm not sure the ending is positive depending on who you are.   Should I have called the chapter Two Mummies (as in Susan and Aimee, but for different reasons?)~Jim

Jeff1 posted a comment on Saturday 6th January 2007 3:27am for Reflections of Anger and Madness

Excellent as always. Very realistic Harry moment or week, with him locking everyone out and wallowing in self pity. Bill has a little more guts than I expected, I guess he is a little more like Bungle in the Jungle Bill than I thought. Great job I eagerly await your next chapter like a good little addict.

JBern replied:

Well, I wanted Snape's death to be a pivotal moment in Harry's life.   He now knows that he can in fact cross that line.   Glad you liked the depiction of Bill.   I still like the Bungle version better.~Jim