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Aurilia posted a comment on Friday 24th July 2009 6:32pm for The Hero Always Gets the Girl

I'm feeling really sorry for the Weasley family. They're having a rotten run of luck in your tale - first, Percy married a Death Eater and was killed for his effort, then George fell to Voldemort himself, and now Ginny gets thrown down the stairs by a Neville-controlled Pansy. I have to wonder who is next.

Andrius posted a comment on Tuesday 28th October 2008 12:31pm for The Hero Always Gets the Girl

Oh shi...
I hope Neville gets away with it :)

JBern replied:

You know the answer already, but thanks for the review.

Brian Donnely posted a comment on Tuesday 1st January 2008 4:42pm for The Hero Always Gets the Girl

Wow, Neville making Pansy look like Ginny while sucking him off is just plain weird.

Poor Ginny. :'( Just when she was beginning to enjoy her life... I guess Pansy got him back, eh? That sucks.

Ten bux says Neville kills himself before the story's over.

JBern replied:

I guess you owe me ten bux, but then again you could say that his actions led to his death, so maybe you don't.~Jim

noylj posted a comment on Sunday 29th July 2007 9:18am for The Hero Always Gets the Girl

I hope that Harry gets some real happiness soon. Hope Pansy dies soon. Hope Draco dies soon. Hope Neville gets committed soon, though I have no sympathy for his victims up to now.

JBern replied:

Hope is a four letter word isn't it?~Jim

skulLXeon posted a comment on Tuesday 10th July 2007 7:51am for The Hero Always Gets the Girl

ah... that had to hurt...
and down the drain goes Neville Longbottom's schemes and machinations.
so, what happens now?
and when's Harry gonna wise up to what's happening around him and slap some sense into several people, namely Draco and i'd say Ginny, but... she already got enough with this ending. eh... its all good though...
good chapter...
and like i thought...
it just isn't gettin any easier for Harry...
not at all...
Adios for now...
and see you when you update...


JBern replied:

Thanks.   I just posted chapter 6 of Lie and now I can start laying out chapter 36 of this one.~Jim

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Sunday 8th July 2007 6:51am for The Hero Always Gets the Girl

Neville is terrifying me with these new character developments, especially his whole appreciation of witch-curves because of Pansy. The whole fight between Lily, James and Harry was superb. Love the use of the Inferi in this way. Narcissa on the other hand continues to be an utter joy, especially when pregnant and arguing with Molly. And that final part proves that not feeling sorry for Pansy is the right thing to do.

Absolutely superb chapter. I love the total darkness of this, though I do feel sorry for the Weasleys. Great stuff. More please.

JBern replied:

Glad you liked it.   Chapter 36 is being planned right now.   I hope you enjoy movie 5 and book 7.~Jim

Wolfric posted a comment on Saturday 7th July 2007 3:52pm for The Hero Always Gets the Girl

Another good chapter. Does anything break Harry's way? It seems lately he's been having a rough stretch. I have faith though. Coedus is putting a lot of faith in somebody; I wonder what he has to ante up on his end? I shouldn't wonder if he might get burned before Harry kills him? I'm sure it will all be revealed in the fullness of time. Thanks for writing. W.

JBern replied:

Things always look darkest before it hits pitch black.   Glad you liked it.   Hope you enjoy what I planned for the rest of the story.~Jim

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Thursday 5th July 2007 9:06am for The Hero Always Gets the Girl

Hmmm... I'm betting on everybody dying, at this point. :-)

Nice chapter, thanks for sharing it with us.

JBern replied:

Nah, someone at least survives to the epilogue.   Glad you enjoyed it.~Jim

Alorkin posted a comment on Wednesday 4th July 2007 12:54pm for The Hero Always Gets the Girl

The 'accident' is still too pat. Despite the planted diary, and any other circumstantial evidence a good investigator would be able to see more there than Neville can afford. Nine deaths seemingly unrelated, in the first few weeks of school is carrying ko-inky-dink waaaay too far.

On the other hand, Neville handled Ginny like a pro. She already had her suspicions because of what Harry had asked her to do, and followed that to it's logical conclusion. Neville simply 'helped her along' a bit. He's developed a Slytherin side to beat even Harry, but he's getting greedy. I wonder how long his uncle will allow him his freedom, given his previous warning.

Molly is a prude. As much as I like the character, she is far too self-righteous. She believes what she reads, and uses that pseudo-knowledge to publicly humiliate her opponent. (canon: Year four, Hermione Granger) and unfortunately cannot believe that she might be wrong. (Same cite, later in the year.) Rather than accept her culpability and make amends, she tries to justify her actions instead.

So, now Voldemort knows (or can reasonably suspect) that Harry is an animagus. Likely Lilycorpse will tell him of the method Harry used to bolster his strength and Voldy will work the rest out. Will Harry be able to relate what Lilycorpse told him? Will anyone be able to correlate her words into the ongoing investigation? If so, they will be able to deduce the voodoo nature of his tormentors.

Neville is soooo Busted! And Ginny is so very hurt. Assuming she survives this, I'm assuming Pansy is gonna take a header from the astronomy tower sometime soon. Neville isn't the type to accept backtalk from his slave.

As always< I eagerly await the next chapter of this delicious tale. Alorkin

JBern replied:

Glad you enjoy it.   Though it's still possible Neville could get away with it.   These are the same people who hauled Hagrid off to Azkaban for no real good reason.   9 deaths are a bit of a problem aren't they (and we don't know about Ginny yet either!)

I think you'll like where this is headed.~Jim

tryptophan36 posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd July 2007 12:23pm for The Hero Always Gets the Girl

Dear Lord! The body count just keeps going up! I have to say, your story is definitely original and I'm hooked. I'm not sure how much I really want to keep reading, but I need to keep reading anyway. There is so much betrayal going on in this fic, I'm almost afraid to keep reading. Will there be anyone left standing at the end?

JBern replied:

There's actually a thread in my forum on this site that keeps track of the body count if you're interested.   My hope is that when this is concluded, I hope people compare it to the 'Saving Private Ryan' of HP fanfics.~Jim posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd July 2007 9:07am for The Hero Always Gets the Girl

Outstanding chapter!!!! I can't wait to read what happens in the next chapter. I want Hermione to live thanks because I want her to be Harry's mistress later on because why not!? Wow Ginny possibly dieing was something I wasn't expecting but something that doesn't really bother me because she's not nor ever will be one of my favorite characters. Any chance Ron might die?, go for the weasley coupe! Do keep up the outstanding work and update soon please:):):):)

JBern replied:

No body is safe.   Ron, Hermione, Harry, Voldemort even Mrs. Figg!   Originally, it was going to be Hermione discovering them, but Ginny worked much better.

Oh well, she'll just have to be satisfied with her happy ending in Book 7 which I assume she will be getting.~Jim

Quizer posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd July 2007 7:41am for The Hero Always Gets the Girl

Hmpf. I don't like how casually you kill of characters. I don't even see how plot elements and structures that require so many characters to die in cruel and unnecessary ways appeal to you. Or do you write it even though it doesn't appeal to you?

Personally, I think a story like this lacks re-read value. Why would I want to slog through all those hopeless and cruel bits again? I don't feel there is enough of the positive stuff going on to make it all worthwhile. I'm currently reading this story because despite everything, you are an excellent writer, and I do remain interested in what will happen.

I believe that an author has the responsibility to treat his/her characters fairly and should shy away from using them whichever way he/she pleases, based on whims. I guess I also don't like to see the karmic principle violated so blatantly; in stories, I still want to see the characters get what they deserve according to their actions.

One of the biggest problems I have with this story is that it's very difficult to find anyone to root for in this story, because there are very few characters that aren't in some way tainted by their actions. One of the few people I like without reservations are Narcissa and Charlie, but that makes a very small part of the story. I kind of like the novelty of Neville getting carried by the methods he uses, proving that not all means are appropriate to an end, but it essentially turns it into a bad guy. Likewise, being able to muster some sympathy for Pansy's situation still doesn't turn her into someone I want to support, want to 'win'. I can't even fully sympathize with Ginny since she jumps to the conclusion that Harry is condoning Neville fooling around with Pansy. If she hadn't died, this would likely have turned into a textbook-cliché version of a dramatic misunderstanding, something which I can't stand. The characters of that empathic girl and her friend have likewise been spoiled by their actions. Balanced characters are a good thing, I guess, but not everybody who isn't outright evil needs to have such a damning flaw.

I hope this didn't feel too much like a rant - I was more in a calm, melancholic mood when I wrote this. I do regret that I can't enjoy this story more, but I'm looking forward to when this dark, unpleasant tale is over and you turn your attention to stories that have a more hopeful/confident atmosphere.


JBern replied:

You wouldn't be surprised to find out that I agree with you on most points.   I think it will be a good read as a whole story, but it may lack rereadability.   When I wrote Bungle or write Lie (here's a tease for you, I just finished the first full scene of Turn Me Loose) I try and capture the essence of a movie like the Indiana Jones films.

Spielberg also directed Saving Private Ryan.   That's what I set out to do in this fanfic.   So many stories have Harry traveling to the past and having those brief flashbacks to how awful the 'war' was.   I wanted to give you a story that shows you how awful the war is - without the escape of Time Travel.

Do I like Bungle better?   Yes.   I'm kind of on the fence between Lie and this one, but I want to see this one concluded.   I like it when people who say they normally like Dark fics say they cringe reading this or say that it is both interesting and disturbing.   It means I'm doing something right.

I expect the final five chapters to be as difficult for me to write as they are for you folks to read.   This one didn't even make 6500 words, but it took me 3 weeks to create.

Hope that answers your comments sufficiently.   I appreciate all the time you take to give a superior review.~Jim

MonkeyAxman1302 posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd July 2007 5:29am for The Hero Always Gets the Girl

Oh my god! What a chapter, absolutley superb.

Really liked the dream sequence with Harry using his Raven form to get rid of James. I take it the logic behind the bond being stronger with his Mother is based on the fact she sacrificed her self for him? The blood magic and all that rot. Nice link as to how Voldemort finds out about Harry's animagus form though.

I was starting to get worried about how out of control Neville was getting. I like how the story is called "To Fight the Coming Darkness", and Harry is having to fight the darkness of Voldemort and the darkness within himself. A struggle that he is just seeming to win, or at least keep a balance with. Neville is also fighting a darkness within himself that has been corrupted by Coedus and he seems to have lost. Not surprised that Coedus had some ulterior motive but the ritual sounds interesting.

You are cruel to Ginny, most definitely, but its great way to end the chapter and unravel Neville's plans.

Thanks for writing.

JBern replied:

Thanks Monkey!   Glad you enjoyed it.   The stronger link to Lily was  hinted in previous chapters during the reanimation process.   I just wanted to make certain I dashed the hopes of those people who read stories about Voldy bringing James and Lily back and through a series of idiotic events Harry ends up with his parents back.

Ginny will be fine.   When the millions of copies of book 7 are sold, she gets her happily ever after.

Hope you continue to enjoy.~Jim

warpwizard posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd July 2007 2:25am for The Hero Always Gets the Girl

Eventful chapter. Packed! :)

I'd normally cheer Ginny getting hurt, but I've recently read good fic by Ginny-fans and now I like her,! :)

Good characterization all round, Pansy interpreting her order etc. Nice job.

Ugh, 5 chapters...this is going to be a sprint/avalanche...spravalanche?

JBern replied:

Ginny will be fine.   In the millions of copies of book 7, I'm sure she gets a happily ever after.

For the last five chapters I'm looking for more of a trainwreck.   Hope that answers your question.~Jim

nezza posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd July 2007 12:09am for The Hero Always Gets the Girl


great update i agree your a little harsh to youngest weasley but then i agin i have gone right off of her for some reason (probably 2 many fanfics with her being a cheating potion toting bint!!)

my only problem with this fic is that there's been very little action iwth it when compared to the earlier chapters. however i have the feeling your building up 2 a rather large climatic event

keep up the work i can't wait for the conlcusion to come.


ps do you plan on finishing it b4 book 7? or will you read it and perhaps rewrite?

JBern replied:

5 chapters in 20 days - I don't think so.   No.   Since this was already not compliant with book 6 there would be no reason to try and make it fit to book 7.

I don't know when I'll read book 7, but it probably won't be immediately.~Jim

Mark Blaine posted a comment on Monday 2nd July 2007 11:39pm for The Hero Always Gets the Girl

Gotta love Evil Neville.

JBern replied:

Thanks.   Next update in 2 weeks.~Jim

Erik Wiggins posted a comment on Monday 2nd July 2007 5:09pm for The Hero Always Gets the Girl

Excellent, excellent excellent! Can't wait for more!

JBern replied:

Thank you.   The next update will be out in 2 weeks.~Jim

brad posted a comment on Monday 2nd July 2007 4:40pm for The Hero Always Gets the Girl


Until I read your author's note I was feeling pity for Ginny and the Weasleys, but if it was either her or Hermione ... die, Ginny, DIE!!


Great conclusion, although startling to have Pansy able to kill Ginny-rather-than-Hermione so easily. I guess that's a reality of life/magic; unless you've got a protego running 24x7 someone can always get the drop on you.

And it *is* tragic for Ginny to be killed just when life was getting better for her. You're evil, you are.

I seem to be always worried in this story. I was worried for Charlie and Harry ... now I'm worried for Harry, and Neville, wondering what Coedus is up to ... it'll be a relief when this story is finished!

Okay, how much to ensure that Hermione makes it 'out of the woods' safely and in one piece? :-)

JBern replied:

Hermione escapes for now ...

I'm glad you found the attack on Ginny   to be sudden, violent and brutal.   That's what I intended.

You won't be the only one to be relieved when the story is finally finished.~Jim

gadriam posted a comment on Monday 2nd July 2007 11:18am for The Hero Always Gets the Girl

You know, every time i think you really push the boat out, you outdo yourself in the next chapter. There are still trace elements of canon left, but they're sinking fast. I've never been cheering for an evil Pansy before, but since you've desensitized us all to the butchering of characters i must say she rocks.
Firing up the flamethrower for a second, it's beginning to feel like the first chapter in a Tom Clancy book. You know, before anything makes sense and there's no big picture whatsoever. The story is getting very complicated, and i'm considering waiting a few months before i check it again. That way i can get the continuity of several chapters at once because this story is confusing the hell out of me. I think i've said that before.

Not that confusion is really a bad thing.
I'm just curious how you're gonna off Harry in the next chapter.


JBern replied:

Harry's not likely to be offed next chapter.   I don't really read Tom Clancy.   Hopefully, the story will grow less confusing as plot lines are ... killed off.   (or is it just the people in the plot lines - I get confused.)

Thanks for the review.   Next chapter in 2 weeks.~Jim

dwilken posted a comment on Monday 2nd July 2007 10:09am for The Hero Always Gets the Girl

From your A/N: "I'm rather harsh to the poor girl"?

Harsh? I'd hate to see your idea of "vicious and cruel"! Yeesh.

However, it's impressive that you seem to be drawing all of your subplots together in a successful fashion. Three more chapters or so?

Also looking forward to seeing Neville's future fall from grace. Is Parkinson going to play cannibal at an intimate moment or something? Wait that can't happen, Coedus wants an intact body. Scratch that idea .....

JBern replied:

I'm sure Ginny will be happy to settle for 'getting' Harry in the real books.   I actually don't have anything against the character, it's just that like Hermione both characters have entire websites devoted to them being shipped with Harry.

I'd rather go a different route.   Sadly, being at the center of a wizarding war can't be healthy for the people around Harry or Voldemort for that matter.~Jim