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Keeroo92 posted a comment on Thursday 24th February 2011 2:50pm for When Giants Roamed the Land

Poor Hagrid! I always liked him... The battle was really well done. I could see it in my minds eye. Good job!

fyrecat posted a comment on Saturday 20th December 2008 6:26pm for When Giants Roamed the Land

Awesome combat scene! I'm sad that Hagrid died though. But what a way to go! If only Harry had been there too... ah well.

JBern replied:


delta16669 posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd December 2008 3:08pm for When Giants Roamed the Land

Holy shit I loved Hagrid in this. Truly an impressive send off for one of the most underestimated characters in the series. It also made me smile how a half giant, ostracized in his own world was almost able to kill Voldemort

JBern replied:

I enjoyed writing Hagrid this way.   He is grossly underused.~Jim

Tammy Driver posted a comment on Wednesday 25th June 2008 8:52pm for When Giants Roamed the Land

It would have been nice to see Tom squashed like the bug he is, by Hagid falling on him.

JBern replied:

Thanks.   Glad you liked it.~Jim

Brian Donnely posted a comment on Thursday 27th December 2007 7:08pm for When Giants Roamed the Land

Aha! Another cliche busted indeed! Though I am sort of disappointed that augmented Hagrid didn't get to stick around longer, I am content with how he went down. Like a badass. He will be missed.

So Voldemort's starting to worry about Harry... that could take away from the "take him down while he underestimates me" strategy. Though I doubt Harry can't come up with a new one. :)

JBern replied:

Hagrid likes to play with dangerous critters.   He had to have a darker side.~Jim

David305 posted a comment on Thursday 15th November 2007 4:26pm for When Giants Roamed the Land

Still very much enjoying; alas, your betas missed a fair amount.
Cerberus, not cerebus
Isaacs, not Issaccs
St. Mungo's (with apostrophe)
Madame Maxime, not Maxine

Still a gripping story, my compliments!

JBern replied:

As always, thanks.   When I get time to do housekeeping on the story I will look for your reviews as starting points of what needs "fixin".


KingsleyforPM posted a comment on Sunday 5th August 2007 11:34am for When Giants Roamed the Land

why would u kill hagrid?

JBern replied:

Because it was necessary for the plot - but damn if he didn't go out in style!~Jim

Logan_MacLeod posted a comment on Wednesday 18th July 2007 3:36am for When Giants Roamed the Land

GFreat chapter. He might have died but HAGRID WENT OUT LIKE A FUCKING PIMP!!!!!! THAT SHIT WAS AWESOME

JBern replied:

One of my favorite moments in the fic.   It was raw, brutal and powerful along the lines of the Snape and Harry fight later.~Jim

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Wednesday 18th April 2007 7:45am for When Giants Roamed the Land

Good grief. That was the single greatest Hagrid death scene I've ever read. In a lot of Azkaban fics, Harry is supposed to have killed him off (how? He's a half-giant for goodness sake) and in other stories it's very much a case of Hagrid dying in the final battle under vague circumstances. This was excellent because the fight scene was visceral and tough, with Albus's lost arm made insignificant but Hagrid's heroic death. The way you had Hagrid take down Voldy that way was superb. This fic was a little slow in terms of action (sorry, but Bungle just got there so much faster!) and now it's really flying.

JBern replied:

Normally Hagrid's a liability in most stories.   I wanted to give the reader something more - a feeling of 'Hell yeah!   Now that's what I'm talking about!' Hopefully this fight scene and several others have delivered that.~Jim

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Wednesday 28th March 2007 2:06am for When Giants Roamed the Land

Excellent fight scene. A very smart battle on
both sides, well worth the wait.

JBern replied:

Glad you liked the battle.   I wanted Hagrid to have a certain fierceness to him.~Jim

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Friday 2nd March 2007 5:56am for When Giants Roamed the Land

If Hagrid has to die, you've given him an most rewarding "way to go."

The whole battle was remarkable, violent, gritty, realistic, if a battle of magic can be realistic.

Terrific fic!

JBern replied:

Far too often Hagrid's death is done in Harry's dream sequence with Voldemort torturing him and allowing Harry to watch.   I wanted something radically different.   I am quite pleased with the results.~Jim

M. R. Moore posted a comment on Tuesday 12th December 2006 11:19am for When Giants Roamed the Land

Holy.... Wow...

JBern replied:

Back in my old Dungeons and Dragons days.   I always loved a good monster melee.   I wanted that battle scene to be everything but the kitchen sink.   It came off as well as I could hope for.~Jim

MrRobertsIII posted a comment on Wednesday 29th November 2006 5:38am for When Giants Roamed the Land

Excellent fight scene! Best Hagrid fight scene I've read in a long time.

JBern replied:

Thanks.   Hagrid is so underutilized.   He has (had) an affinity for dangerous critters...

Thanks again~Jim