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Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Wednesday 1st September 2010 5:31am for And Then You Came Around

Love the idea of using Kreacher’s viciousness against the wizards. I’m trying to think what his smile looks like and keep shuddering.

I agree, the Baba Yaga stories would make Hermione faint. LOL at Hermione’s tricksy way of getting Harry’s attention. It’s lines like “Sorry about the biting” that keep us coming back.

Ooh, poor Hermione. That is really cruel.

flynhghr posted a comment on Saturday 21st November 2009 2:36pm for And Then You Came Around

Ok, now I KNOW it was Dumbledore's scheme to have the blood anchor stolen. Cagey bastard has to have his own bloody way, wether or not there's a substitute. I DO hope he succombs to a torturus death from the curse wounds instead of a nice quick AK. I'd bet money they put Hermione on fertility potions because the mix of the two will help the wards more. Sickening. I'd bet even more money that come her due date they stage a miscarriage and hide the child in the castle, destroying Hermione, not caring because the child can help the wards better than anything. Ugh, your version of Bumbledore is more despisable than Snape, and that's saying something. Hope I didn't let any kneazles out of any bags, lol, I hate it when I guess correctly and ruin it for myself.

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Monday 9th November 2009 2:08pm for And Then You Came Around

Methinks that Albus is not going to appreciate the payback this little gimmick (or set of gimmicks) will earn him. As he told Tom, there are worse things than death; papercuts all over followed by immersion in lemon juice sounds like a nice warm-up exercise in this case.

Jay-F posted a comment on Monday 19th October 2009 6:41pm for And Then You Came Around

I just re-read this, and i have to say i hope you post more soon, i liked lie better but this has a rare flavor to it that i quite like.
Thanks for writing,

Sandrine Lupin posted a comment on Wednesday 16th September 2009 6:19pm for And Then You Came Around

it is really 2 interessant stories.
It was really great to read.
There is just a little detail. In one chapter Harry use a chain spell and says in french "Moudre d'os". It means nothing. If you want to say to reduce 1 bone to dust you have to write "Moudre l 'os".
I really like Hack it is really a refreshing monster.
I like the friendship between William and Harry. And kwan is just right there. I really want to know wath will going on in the next chapter and if Luna will change her mind or if Harry will have to find another girlfriend.
and what about Hermione. is she going to help Harry to find a possible way to kill Voldemort or is she just to closeminded.
well, I hope to read about that soon, so good luck for this next chapter. and thanks for these two stories.

James21 posted a comment on Saturday 5th September 2009 11:45am for And Then You Came Around

would love to see more, its an awsome series

nancy in chicago posted a comment on Sunday 16th August 2009 4:33pm for And Then You Came Around

Please continue this story!!! I just found it and love it.... Poor Hermione -- but, it was a love potion, so can't Harry leave and take Hermione with him? IF it was a fertility potion, maybe Lauren would like someone to share 'mommy stories' with <g>.

nancy in chicago

GinnyMyLove posted a comment on Saturday 11th July 2009 5:55pm for And Then You Came Around

As much fun as the Luna flirting stuff was, I cant say I'm disappointed with the H/Hr stuff here. Despite your buildup/breakup from the first installment and all throughout this one I still felt they belonged together if not for the machinations of an old man. Bravo

crocket posted a comment on Thursday 18th June 2009 7:30pm for And Then You Came Around

how come you not had harry duel then kill Dumbledore yet ? .As soon he make oath that you have protect school then find out about painting he became a target as he a leak to tyhe safty of the children plus al pass becomes admisable he hired voldy he hired death eaters he is a risk so is a target .

crocket posted a comment on Thursday 18th June 2009 6:56pm for And Then You Came Around

realy like hope read more soon .Baba and Harry as lovers ruling world at end would be funny

Secca posted a comment on Tuesday 26th May 2009 1:00pm for And Then You Came Around

If you don't mind my asking, what exactly do you have against Remus and Tonks? Neither of them are worth anything in any of your stories, really.

All in all, I must say that this story and its predecessor have gained spots among my favorite stories. Thank you for writing them.

Ezra'eil posted a comment on Friday 8th May 2009 11:15am for And Then You Came Around

Man, you gotta have Harry talk to Neville when Ginny is in the room... Maker her think he's telling her about the potions and such...

luckykas posted a comment on Thursday 7th May 2009 9:10am for And Then You Came Around

"O my god! He killed Dobby"
"You B*&%*&%"

I really like the little guy. Great chapter as always. Some questions regarding the story so far...

Did Harry get any of the divination powers when he drank the demon blood?
He was able to tell that the demon had not killed Hack without seeing him. "I dont know how you knew Harry...", Bill Weasley.

Would the concept of Clarity extend to werewolves?
Remus is almost out of the loop at the moment and Harry would never trust him to discuss this with him, but the question has been stuck in my mind for a while.

Is dumbledore antagonizing Harry so that Harry will attack him and win over the Elder wand?
He knows he is dying sooner than later and may be concerned that the wand may end up in wrong hands.

The ending to this chapter with the episode with Hermione really threw me in a loop. Brilliant sir...simply genius.

nublar posted a comment on Tuesday 28th April 2009 5:01pm for And Then You Came Around

I had a hard time getting into this style, but once I got used to it, it was great. You really balance the anger and humor very well. Thanks for the great read, and I'm looking forward to more.

WorldOfLilyEvans posted a comment on Thursday 26th February 2009 10:12am for And Then You Came Around

Hey. I just read the twentieth chapter of 'The Lie I've Lived' and you said you were going to work on the next chapter for this story, so I won't heckle you for an update. But please don't make like 'The Lie' and make us wait another chapter to see if Hermione is pregnant. Good decision on bringing back Alice by the way, I sure hope Mrs Longbottom isn't just being spiteful about not helping her. I love your stories!

-xxx- Malou

MonkeyAxman1302 posted a comment on Wednesday 18th February 2009 3:32am for And Then You Came Around

Oh My God! Dumbles finally got them to shag! Madness, brilliance all combined into one great story. Very crafty of Dumbledore to get Fawkes to wound Harry to give Hermione the pre-text of putting that horny salve on. How many teenage boyes would give everything they own to have a cream like that to use on girls! lol! Terrible thought I know but I couldn't help it.

Sad you killed Dobby and Winky but no one is safe in your story me thinks.

Really quite liked the conversation between Snape and Harry. Good to see that you can make them work together.

Interesting revelation at the end though, really very interested to see where you take that one.

Well I have finally caught up with both your stories and they're still great. Can't wait for more; so hurry up and write is already!


dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Saturday 31st January 2009 9:26am for And Then You Came Around

I'm surprised he fell for that lotion. I saw ot coming a mile away. Moody told him over and over, but there really isn't a way for him to be too paranoid.

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Wednesday 28th January 2009 2:03pm for And Then You Came Around

This is incredible. I loved this chapter. Dumbledore should be tried for forced rape of two minors. Actually, forced rape of two students, since I'm not sure they're still minors, but you know what I mean.

Dumbles is evil!

Fenris Ulf posted a comment on Thursday 22nd January 2009 1:16pm for And Then You Came Around

heh awesome chapter. Harry certainly is getting alot of women in this story. Good for him! btw any idea where ic an get some of that salve?

Mesterio posted a comment on Tuesday 20th January 2009 11:13am for And Then You Came Around

I WOULD say 'the plot thickens' but at this point you've thickend it to around the width of the great wall of china.

Keep throwing us curve balls, they've all had their own unique style so far.