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flynhghr posted a comment on Friday 20th November 2009 5:29pm for I Gotta Do It My Way

The conversation with Ron was interesting, you actually put the most typically hated character on a pedastal (compared to other characters), which has me worried. What are you planning on doing to him later... Tonks is perfect, exactly how I would expect her to react. The Harry/Luna is fun, and I'd like to see how your Harry handles a semi-serious, slowly paced relationship, instead of the 'hey, lets screw' right off the bat. You did say Lauren was emotional, which was weird for me, second day you hang around someone and jump in the sack as more of a business deal than a relationship, yet it's emotional? OH well, neither here nor there really. The Narcissa characterization is perfect, off-handedly threaten Draco but immediately retract it so it still leaves that glimmer of fear so she can be controlled in the future. Not to mention she gets all frisky when in the presence of frightening power. Or at least the illusion of such. Makes me want to meet her actually, is that bad? Keep up the great work!

GinnyMyLove posted a comment on Saturday 11th July 2009 1:47pm for I Gotta Do It My Way

the "This is Troubling" TiTs had me actually no shite rolling on the floor laughing my arse off! I'm so glad I was not at work when I hit that line because they would have called for the men with the white coats and I would have been fired for reading fanfic at work instead of you know...working.

I love your Harry and your explanation of Runes in BitJ and now this, I only wish I could have come up with it first. Good Show!

fyrecat posted a comment on Sunday 28th December 2008 5:56pm for I Gotta Do It My Way

I love the continuing and growing relationship with Luna. Well done.
The Message to Narcissa was masterful!

All in all a fantastic chapter!

Thank you again.

Editorial notes:
"...but they’ve been trying to nice to me."
- trying to *be* nice...

"...when you here a sickly sweet voice..."
- hear.

FireFairy posted a comment on Monday 21st January 2008 11:55am for I Gotta Do It My Way

WOW! Please update this story soon, I love your writing and can't wait for all of your updates, you are such a great author and I honestly look forward A LOT to your next updates!

JBern replied:

Slow going on TML 5.  It's been outlined for over a week now, but I'm only just now getting started on writing it.  Lie chapter 10 will be out before TML 5, but it'll be good when you see it - promise!~Jim

Brian Donnely posted a comment on Sunday 13th January 2008 4:28pm for I Gotta Do It My Way

At least there's one person in that situation who didn't completely betray him and could be a friend.

Nice use of irony with Ron's comment about the HBP teaching the class.

A little foreshadowing there? Something tells me that hit-wizards going after Fleur are going to become a reality.

Good to see Kwan putting 'stupid' back to the front of his lexicon! I missed his little rants. :)

Part of me was really hoping that Narcissa would turn out to be good again, but I get it. At least she's getting some attention.

Harry pretending to be Chilotha is a rather genius turn of events. I look forward to see how these developments unfold. Along with others...

Great stuff! Except now I'm all caught up and have to wait for the next chapter instead of being able to go right on to the next one. Ah well, I'm positive it'll be worth the wait!

JBern replied:

Sorry to hear that your all caught up and must now wait on me to get a move on.  You could always start reading The Lie I've Lived and you can wait on me for different stories!

More coming soon.~Jim

jovan schnee posted a comment on Friday 11th January 2008 8:49am for I Gotta Do It My Way

Harry's impersonation of Veras Chilotha is my favorite fanfic plot twist ever! What a fabulous idea, and it's hilarious to have the idea of it turn on Narcissa so. You may not want to reveal all your secrets but, when did this idea come to you? Was it part of the plot outline going in? It's so inspired it seems like an Ah-Ha that comes to you while writing. Neat!

Somehow the Luna-Harry angle isn't working as well as in Bungle in the Jungle. Harry is really outshining Luna write now. When they were writing each other during Bungle in the Jungle they seemed more evenly matched. Luna needs a little action of her own to put her more at Harry's level otherwise she's just another sweat girl for Harry to fool around with.

Great stuff!

JBern replied:

I came up with it a few weeks before writing the chapter.  As for an overall outline, I have a general idea where the story is headed, but the specifics are usually pretty vague.  I leave myself alot of room to play around and having Harry pretend to be a Dark Lord pretending to be Harry Potter is good for a bunch of scenes.  We actually had a long discussion on Alpha Fight Club about when exactly did Harry come up with the idea to do this. It was discussed for a full week before we settled on premeditated with the assistance of Hernando De Soto.

Give Harry/Luna a chance.~Jim

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Friday 11th January 2008 4:05am for I Gotta Do It My Way

Outstanding chapter. It is getting very interesting now.


JBern replied:

Glad you liked it.~Jim

xblade87x posted a comment on Friday 11th January 2008 2:46am for I Gotta Do It My Way

Hmm good story, :/ I seem to be more inclined to like harry/fleur now >.< dunno why but I just liked that idea... anyway good story so far and please do keep it up.

JBern replied:

Well, Harry/Fleur is my other story.  Though there is a chapter titled "Making Love to whoever I please" coming up.~Jim

Immortalitis posted a comment on Thursday 10th January 2008 4:05pm for I Gotta Do It My Way

Oh, bravo!

Excellent chapter.

The Basilisk/ Panther hybrid is most intriguing.

Perhaps the daemon blood forced an evolutionary cross between the basilisk venom still in his blood and his animagus form?


Post moar!

JBern replied:

Interesting ideas.  Next chapter in 1-2 weeks.~Jim

Atom posted a comment on Friday 4th January 2008 6:48pm for I Gotta Do It My Way

the harry/luna is amazing! made my night. I'm looking forward to your other updates but mostly this one! hope to seem more HL fluff soon

JBern replied:

Next update in probably 2 weeks.  Lie chapter 9 is almost done.~Jim

Decumo9 posted a comment on Friday 4th January 2008 5:32pm for I Gotta Do It My Way

the idea of harry playing a dark lord playing harry=genius....i cant wait to see where that leads harry.

JBern replied:

Glad you liked it.  It was one of my more inspired ideas.~Jim

sith2886 posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd January 2008 11:19am for I Gotta Do It My Way

i know i complained before but i'm really curious. will Harry get concubines in this or not? :crossses fingers:

JBern replied:

Can't say, but since I'm using Loverboy's lyrics for Turn Me Loose and trying to keep the story somewhat close to the chapter titles, there's a line in the song that goes "Making Love to whoever I please."

You can draw your own conclusions.~Jim

MonkeyAxman1302 posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd January 2008 7:47am for I Gotta Do It My Way

That has to be one of your best chapters EVER! Where to begin on what parts I adored. It would take me more than a couple of read throughs to decide what I should mention so I'll just try on only one!

The flirtation was so perfectly timed and very subtly done. Considering how mature your Harry is in this you seemed to time and pace it perfectly.

The forboding with the daemon was also very clever as I just didn't expect it all.

The scene with Narcissa at the embassy was so brilliantly done and such a deviously wicked idea. The fact that he turned her on had me laughing and kind of disgusted but it was a nice touch.

The "This is Troubling" acronym had me laughing very loudly. Very juvenile but so perfect from your Harry. TiTs indeed!

The stuff with Dobby just running off before he got the whole task was also very funny. That he stole a locket that Molly was wearing also had me laughing.

My only criticism is that I think Harry as a character, and even your interpretation of him, that has a great capacity for forgiveness. I know your creating a product of his experience but at times he seems overly bitter and harsh when dealing with those who wronged him.

Thanks for writing and I can't wait for more.


ps - hope you had a good holiday season and a Happy New Year

JBern replied:

I did have a good new year.    Thanks you for your long review.  You were probably expecting the Narcissa from Darkness in this one.  Nope, but hopefully she'll be interesting enough. 

What's so juvenile about the This Is Troubling Scale?  :P


uthamm posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd January 2008 7:05am for I Gotta Do It My Way

Wow. What a plan! I liked the Harry/Luna interaction and the conversation with Narcissa was spot on.

I also like the image of Hagrid and Hack terrorizing Hogsmeade . . . Prick? I will show you a prick! Just priceless.

Thanks for sharing.

JBern replied:

People have bothered me of a Hack and Hagrid comedy one shot.  I'll have to consider it.  Next chapter in 2 weeks.~Jim

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd January 2008 4:13am for I Gotta Do It My Way

LOL at the Fu Manchu unibrow one day having its day. As always, I read My Way and think equally of the Sinatra, Sid Vicious and BuffyTVS's Spike versions. Your Harrys will always do it their way, that's for sure.

Poor Ron, for once he’s a dupe not a prat. I liked his joke about Harry not remembering Hermione being his girlfriend. Lavender is nuts, not nutters, about Ron. A nutter is a verb for crazy person. Nuts is an adjective for crazy. LOL at Lavender not calling him Won-Won when his tongue is down her throat. I imagine Fleur has that problem all the time.

Love your use of the Rowena’s seer glass to make the daemon speak from beyond the grave in such an exciting way. Luna’s methods of cheering Harry up are always enjoyable. It’s good Karina isn’t the one he took lessons from in the art of kissing as I doubt she spent a lot of time trying to teach him. I think Luna is going to be having a lot of fun in the near future.

Poor Harry, his animagus form sounds painful at the moment. Dumbledore is a fool if he thinks that Harry will fall into his plans so easily. I like the way Luna isn’t a fool over Hermione either. Hack’s return is delightfully funny as always. Wow, you really have it in for Tonks in this don’t you? Then again, considering her actions in book 7, I could see why. She was really stupid. Harry’s dumbbitch comment was so enjoyable. Nice to see Sheila back too.

Absolutely loved Harry’s plan using Narcissa and Chilotha. The Luna flirtation is most enjoyable. Excellent chapter. I adored this as always. More please.

JBern replied:

I figured Ron who had already suffered through Hermione might be more into Lav Lav.  Thanks for the correction about nutters. 

The Daemon part was fun and also a reminder that he has more to be worried about than just Voldemort.

Tonks was also a reminder that not everyone sees this through Harry centric eyes.  All she sees is how much he is hurting Remus.

Next chapter in 2 weeks.~Jim

derherr posted a comment on Tuesday 1st January 2008 6:13am for I Gotta Do It My Way

Fantastic! Keep up the great work. I'm hooked.

JBern replied:

Thanks.  Next chapter in 2 weeks.~Jim

Darje posted a comment on Monday 31st December 2007 10:49pm for I Gotta Do It My Way

In my opinion the flirtation is worth the buildup. The plot Harry unveiled while dancing with Narcissa is pure dastardly and genious.

JBern replied:

Thanks.  I'm glad you liked it.  Next chapter in 2 weeks.~Jim

CosmosGravitation posted a comment on Monday 31st December 2007 7:43am for I Gotta Do It My Way

Good chapter, as usual.

Harry/Luna flirtation is a good idea. Since this is the long term pairing of this fic the build up should be greater then Harry's other relationships.

Even though I know the end pairing, I still find myself hoping for Harry/Fleur in this fic. I think it's a credit to how you've portrayed Fleur, as I find most authors don't give her as much depth as you have and thus while reading stories I very rarely am leaning towards Harry and Fleur. Oh well, we have Lie I've Lived for Harry/Fleur and I'm sure you'll strive to give Fleur depth in that story as well.

While I'm on the topic of pairings, how you do Tonks makes me hope you'll write a Harry/Tonks fic on of these days. Very few writers could do that pairing the way it should be done, but I think you're one of them.

I think Harry may have made a mistake at the end there, telling Narcissa he was Chilotha. If he actually were Chilotha, I find it hard to believe he would have given that information up to Voldemort willingly. A smart Voldemort would realize that. Instead, he should have dropped minor hints and let Voldemort come to that conclusion on his own.

Keep up the good work, looking forward to the next chapter of the Lie I've Lived and I hope your originals are going well.

JBern replied:

Next chapter of Lie is just about done.  Needs final edits.

The  Fleur in this story inspired me to write The Lie I've Lived, but Fleur will be a bit different in that story.  This one's a few years older and more confident.

I've tossed around a few HONKS ideas.  We'll have to see if any of them come to fruition.

Maybe he made a mistake, but then again bad guys have a way of boasting even to each other.

Thanks for the review.  Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you.~Jim


Warmonger posted a comment on Sunday 30th December 2007 3:47am for I Gotta Do It My Way

it's worth the buildup and quite entertaining when ever she shows up for the seventh year

JBern replied:

I'll be nice if I have enough story to carry out  this tale to Luna's 7th year.~Jim

Casey299 posted a comment on Saturday 29th December 2007 9:38am for I Gotta Do It My Way

Good update, one of my favorite fanfics, keep the updates coming!!!

JBern replied:

Thanks.  Next chapter in 2-3 weeks.~Jim