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Mark Blaine posted a comment on Saturday 5th January 2013 2:21pm

Regretably, I do not know either gentleman well enough to judge your characterizations but this was really funny.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Wednesday 1st September 2010 6:35am

The mighty breaker of bones and the occasionally flatulent? LMAO!

I was wondering if you meant that Wil Wheaton until I read the Crusher'd line. LOL. I'd want to cut up the clown jumper anyway. Very funny.

twistyguru posted a comment on Friday 27th August 2010 2:21am

Very nice, both of them. I just found these 2 stories (and the link to the challenge, 6 weeks to late--why does nobody ever tell me these things?), and have already dashed off a draft of my own.
Of course, I did mine before I read yours, which I'm glad I did...yours are so good I probably wouldn't have bothered. Oh well. Done it already, gonna slap it up on ff (hack) net, I guess.
Let me clue in some people about Lupus, as a retired MD--it sucks. No, I mean, it REALLY sucks. As in, 'top 10 diseases you NEVER want to have' suckage. But you rarely hear about it, 'cause it's very un-sexy in oh so many ways.
So, support the Lupus Alliance, k? Good karma will flow to you if you do.
There...I've had my say.
Nice fics, as always from these two writers.

joeBob posted a comment on Monday 5th July 2010 12:37pm

Still nicely amusing, and it doesn't require much (if any) prior knowledge of the two main characters.

Alas, reading it after a few days hiatus, I kept spotting areas that could use polish for clarity and flow.

I also hope that Scalzi's instruction of, "no explicit sex of any kind, please," does not mean that they will get squeamish at the use of "testicles" and "loins".

Nothing left for it now; Good story, and good luck!

Still love that, "The other wrote books" line. :)
Nice dry humor but perhaps too many non-sequiturs and inside jokes.

rune1806 posted a comment on Saturday 3rd July 2010 2:57pm

Thank you I did laugh more than a few times. Loved the book can not wait for the next one.

LoggingInSucksAss posted a comment on Friday 2nd July 2010 10:48pm

Bwah-hahahahahaha! "Now, he was Jahan, the mighty breaker of bones and the occasionally flatulent." Though it may be possible that L. Ron Hubbard getting into heaven is the funniest thing I've ever read.

I'm a bit surprised a hung over John Ringo didn't show up and trip over the Pegakittycorn right at its moment of triumph, to a thousand voices calling "Oh, John Ringo, No!"

liquidfyre posted a comment on Friday 2nd July 2010 3:54pm

Dude you are sick and twisted.

I LOVED IT. First one was better but seconds was pretty good too.

brad posted a comment on Thursday 1st July 2010 9:25pm

Heh, amusing! Thanks for sharing!

Jamey posted a comment on Thursday 1st July 2010 7:48pm

Soooo, do you often go sharing your hallucinogen-laced drinks with sci-fi writers at cons? Seriously - those are both excellent little bits of story with lots of entertainment value!

JBern posted a comment on Thursday 1st July 2010 7:14pm

I guess I should point out that I was never drugged at a convention. I just have experience (like every other writer on a con panel) with people who ask bizarre questions or just keep talking as if they like to hear the sound of their own voices.

CootiePatootie posted a comment on Thursday 1st July 2010 6:57pm

Jim old buddy, I think no more pepperoni and whatever-the-heck-it-was pizzas for you. And no drinks from weirdos at conventions! :-D

Persp: favorite lines:

"Crap," Wil said.


"I just mailed in my SAG dues."

excellent! Thanks to you both!