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MonCappy posted a comment on Sunday 23rd May 2010 4:49am for Chapter One

Normally I despise any story that implies Ron / Hermione to any degree with a fire that can never be extinguished. In spite of all that detestation, I still managed to enjoy this story and I think you did a fairly good job of turning Ron from mindless, thoughtless rude teenager into a man deserving of some sympathy.

You did a good of showing him grow up some in spite of his best efforts not to.

Patches posted a comment on Sunday 23rd May 2010 4:46am for Chapter One

This is a great story about Ron and his later life after Hogwarts and Moldyshorts. It is great that it looks like he is finally going to get the right girl. Thanks for a nice addition to the "rest of the story"! pms

Bob Officer posted a comment on Sunday 23rd May 2010 12:36am for Chapter One

I liked it, Really for a one shot it had a lot of info and story.

cowboyweasel posted a comment on Saturday 22nd May 2010 11:54pm for Chapter One

I thought that I recognized it. I love that movie! Great little one shot.

Jonathan Langford posted a comment on Saturday 22nd May 2010 11:45pm for Chapter One

This is WONDERFUL! I love the way that when it comes to his own area of specialty, Ron knows all the facts and statistics cold. I also love that Ron's faults aren't whitewashed by anyone, including him--but that he also has his point of view and positive points as well. Most of all, I like the Harry in this fic--who I get the idea is NOT slowing down at all, even if what he does isn't as much in the public eye. And I like that Ron finally seems to have accepted that for some kinds of problems, Harry's the one who can fix things.

Keats449 posted a comment on Saturday 22nd May 2010 8:27pm for Chapter One

Another good story :D. Interesting take on how the characters turned out as adults, I liked Harry as the 'Goodwill Ambassador'.

D Alford posted a comment on Saturday 22nd May 2010 8:17pm for Chapter One

This was fantastic.
The humanity of Ron, being the old cockholding quidditch star, rang very true.
His excuses to himself as to his behavior could be heard from any adulterer.
The causual menace that the figure of Harry Potter, armed with the Elder Wand no less, brought to the piece was worthy of the master of death.

The action of the quidditch match counter balances the thoughts that enter into a flashback of the events that have led up to it.

In the end the guy got the girl, with assistance of Harry Potter of course, and the team won due to the bravery and sacrifice of the keeper.

Please keep writing pieces of this caliber, it is as good as Bungle in the Jungle (the second piece I read on this site) and I rate it as fantastic, as I may have said already.


Rick D Gale posted a comment on Saturday 22nd May 2010 8:11pm for Chapter One

So, How much do you think Ron's jersey went for on e-bay? Just kidding. Nice 'Ron centered' story. Probable more truth then fiction as to how Ron / Hermione would end up if they did get together.


Travis Bone posted a comment on Saturday 22nd May 2010 7:31pm for Chapter One

The whole time I was reading this I was thinking of that Kevin Costner movie but couldn't remember the name. I'm glad I was right that this fic is somewhat inspired by that movie.

bonnie posted a comment on Saturday 22nd May 2010 7:21pm for Chapter One

This was good. I've seen For the Love of the Game and can see the similarities between this story and the movie but I actually made me like Ron and I'm one of the people who think of Ron as Mo-Ron. I thouroughly enjoyed this and I'm looking forward to what you post next. Glad you're back with us

M2J MandalorianJedi posted a comment on Saturday 22nd May 2010 6:57pm for Chapter One

It's probablly the first realistic scumbag Ron I've ever seen. It's also about the only one where, despite being a heavily flawed character, he's still a decent person.

Taegeous posted a comment on Saturday 22nd May 2010 6:45pm for Chapter One

There are few stories that feature Ron as the protagonist. Even fewer pull it off to the degree you have. A story about a middle-aged guy who's made his fair share of mistakes, learned some hard lessons along the way, but is trying to live the best life he can. Well done.

genkitty posted a comment on Saturday 22nd May 2010 6:33pm for Chapter One

Squeeee! I like this story, thank you for releasing it!

Paulo Weber posted a comment on Saturday 22nd May 2010 6:27pm for Chapter One

Good fic, quite awesome in fact.

john241 posted a comment on Saturday 22nd May 2010 5:53pm for Chapter One


How the heck did you manage to hide the fact that you wrote something (you need more advertising than just the internet...I'm not in cyberspace as much as I used to be or maybe not reading as much Fan Fics)? Anyways, I'm off to Barnes & Noble to purchase it.

Glad I popped by.

Wolfric posted a comment on Saturday 22nd May 2010 5:38pm for Chapter One

Good story. I can see that trying to keep this going much longer might be a chore. It does occur to me that if you were inclined to another chapter, you might cover Ron's secret good deeds, helping widow and orphans if nothing else it would take everybody by surprise. Congrtulations on your new release. Best of luck. Thanks for writing. W.

TheHard posted a comment on Saturday 22nd May 2010 5:37pm for Chapter One

Man, nice piece of work! it has sports, romance, humor, a wole lot of good things, really :D... Thanks for sharing :)

Cliff Bryner posted a comment on Saturday 22nd May 2010 5:17pm for Chapter One

It took me most of the way through your story to really appreciate it, thinking you needed to make a Cliff's Notes version (sorry, with a name like mine you have to say that occasionallly). But, as Charles Dickens is my witness, sometimes a good story takes awhile to tell. Thanks. I enjoyed it.

71_scorpio posted a comment on Saturday 22nd May 2010 4:33pm for Chapter One

I really really liked this one. It was an interesting and fun look into the life and times of Ron Weasley: Quidditch Star.

As much as I like Ron & Hermione individually, I tend to think they make a horrible couple. Your vision of thier marriage ending in a bitter & nasty divorce is so believable. As is Ron's cheating & womanizing. Nice touch with Oliver's cheap-shots from the commentator booth. *smirk* Makes you wonder which makes him angier: that Ron slept with his wife or that Ron's the better Keeper?

Loved the Padma subplot too. It really hi-lighted Ron's growing maturity & acceptance of who and what he is - as well as his acceptance of who and what Harry is. The whole thing was well done & the nephew was fun too.

Also, I enjoyed the Quidditch scenes. Which, is unusual for me as I tend to find them long, boring and confusing. Yours were just perfect. Explained well without being too wordy. Parcelled out in small bite-sized bits & packed full of action. Good job.

All in all, while he may have had a bumpy road to get there, I think your Ron turned out to be a good guy.

Matt Harris posted a comment on Saturday 22nd May 2010 4:23pm for Chapter One

An excellent piece, as always. Loved the way it was reolved.