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Jamey posted a comment on Tuesday 11th December 2012 1:37am

Well, the GINO universe. I really do much prefer the original series of BSG. So far, though, you're doing a really great job of setting things up with a much more serious Dumbledore than we usually see.

Crys posted a comment on Saturday 8th December 2012 12:23pm

Hmm. Interesting interpretation by AD. But the Scylla was also the name of one of the ships that the Pegasus plundered. "Athena's gifts" needed for / about the Cylons makes more sense, though. Have to see how that plays out.

You do buck canon a bit with the Resurrection Stone and how the spirits tolerate it, though. I suspect you're already aware of that, but just thought I'd point it out.

Enjoying the story so far, but no idea where it's going. Looking forward to see it, though.

Orion posted a comment on Friday 7th December 2012 9:36pm

Great start! I look forward to seeing where you take this. Thank you for writing, and sharing your writing with us.

Cynrom posted a comment on Thursday 6th December 2012 12:37pm

Love it so far and can't wait to see more.

Princess Fictoria posted a comment on Tuesday 4th December 2012 3:44pm

Sad to see Sirius go, but at least he went out with more style here than in cannon! I look forward to voldies defeat and the circumstances surrounding Harry's arrival in the galactica universe. Thank you for all of your hard work in providing us such enjoyable stories to read.

arturus posted a comment on Sunday 2nd December 2012 9:04pm

I'm doing a HP/BSG crossover myself so I'm very interested to see how others are doing it. I must say I'm very impressed with the route you have taken so far. Then again considering the fact that I love your other work it is not that much of a surprise

DobbyElfLord posted a comment on Sunday 2nd December 2012 7:27pm

I love the image of Narcissa finding the lipstick marks. Hmm, what if it was also Belatrix's shade? Three birds with one stone!

Lee Dickie posted a comment on Sunday 25th November 2012 12:08pm

A good fun read with Dumbledore being more relaxed than in canon.

DobbyElfLord posted a comment on Wednesday 21st November 2012 10:13pm

Welcome back! Great to see a new story coming from you back in the Potter-verse. I look forward to seeing where you take this.

Rick DEL

rflash posted a comment on Wednesday 21st November 2012 4:00pm


This feels like : "A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away ..." Wellcome back to HP universe.

Good start. Plenty of possibilities for the future chapters.

Viridian posted a comment on Wednesday 21st November 2012 2:20pm

Interesting beginning. It felt a little rushed, but I think that was intentional pacing. Might want to have some aside to explain why Dumbledore is being so proactive compared to canon.

kilrathae posted a comment on Wednesday 21st November 2012 11:43am

Awesome start to the story. Exactly as expected based on the excellence of your previous work. Will look into your original works and maybe see if I can get my wife to possibly get some for the library she runs.

Glacialis1 posted a comment on Tuesday 20th November 2012 9:02pm

A very interesting start. I was alwasy upset that Sirius was killed so quickly when he could have been such an intersting character. I will have to see more before I give it more than a tentative thumbs up.

rune1806 posted a comment on Tuesday 20th November 2012 8:10pm

Welcome back, I know nothing about BSG but I can learn. I am looking forward to seeing where you will take us this time.

Clell65619 posted a comment on Tuesday 20th November 2012 1:27pm

- Good to have you back Jim.

- given the title, there isn't a whole lot of mistery about what is in Harry's future (or is it past?) but the getting there should be fun...

Jizzle posted a comment on Tuesday 20th November 2012 3:46am

So good to see that you are still around and writing fanfiction. I have enjoyed the original stuff of yours that I have read, but I was worried that you had left fanfic without saying goodbye. That would have been sad.

I don't know anything about BSG, but I look forward to reading this. The flow of the story is a bit lurchy in this chapter. Less like a story unfolding and more like a story being set up. It's the first chapter, so I guess that's fine. Ideally, things would feel less forced. Less like a checklist being ticked off.

Using dementors to kill the fragment is pretty briliant, and I look forward to the prospect of a proper old man mentor Dumbledore.

Mathew McCrillis posted a comment on Monday 19th November 2012 11:57pm

It sounds like a fun idea, I like what I've read for this chapter.


Crys posted a comment on Monday 19th November 2012 8:06pm

Interesting start.

Honestly, though, really interested in where you're going once we get to the Colonies. Hmm, a bit younger than Lee and Kara. He'll be ~26 once the attack happens, so mid-rank pilot if he goes that way. Probably too young for CIC crew. Ah, well. We'll see.

Looking forward to more of a crossover that I've never seen attempted.

Pamela St Vines posted a comment on Monday 19th November 2012 7:16pm

Battlestar Gallactica and Harry Potter ---- what a great idea. I'm hooked already. Also a very clever way to deal with the horcrux. I can't wait to see what other surprises your genius has in store for us.

Thank you!

mythic77 posted a comment on Monday 19th November 2012 6:15pm

A very pleasant start. Don't let me or anyone else keep you from writing for money (I do, too) but this is such a cool milleu, not withstanding half-blood/ass principles and dreadful hollering (lack of caps on purpose). As you may be able to tell, I wasn't thrilled with books 6/7 {wasn't in love with OotP, either}. I sustain myself by reading GOOD fanfiction as I am for whatever reason addicted to Harry Potter stories---at least good ones, and you do have a track record and admirable history.

JKR created an amazing world, then proceded to populate it with a bunch of doofus' at the end. In my not so humble opinion, many have done better with the, admittedly original, creation. You, I consider, are in that cadre.

Please don't let any lapse of mine in literary criticism put you off! It's your story, take it where you want. If I don't like it, I can always stop reading. I am not a teacher of English grammer. I have no problems with grammer/syntax/spelling unless it's egregious That's what editors should be paid for, instead of screwing with our words.

I hope to have you back in HP print soon. In fact, I look forward to it! One request. I know from past posts that Ishtar is one of your past associates. If you have any influence there, please ask Ishtar (her?) to complete, or at least give an outline for completion for her HP/Addams family story "Family Values". Love it.

(open address) bhmythic77 @ gmail. com (spaces provided to preclude exclusion as per some sites). Open author posts as mythic77.