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dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Tuesday 10th April 2007 10:44pm for According to the Plan

I love Cissy and Charlie running around.
Hopefully Charlie will start training himself
up to a higher level after the latest event.

Kidnapping a lot of parents isn't he? I wonder
what exactly he has planned for the four.

JBern replied:

Plans will be revealed soon.~Jim

The Resident posted a comment on Tuesday 10th April 2007 9:26pm for According to the Plan

My review is the same as the one I posted on ffn for this chapter.

JBern replied:

Thanks.   I'll respond to it there.~Jim

Fishburne posted a comment on Tuesday 10th April 2007 2:53pm for According to the Plan

How intriguing - I must say, Old Voldie stealing Harry's parents - Bad form.

I cannt see Harry abandoning his position withing the nice safe reaches of good ol hoggy soggy hogwarts to go traipsing off into the ever so cunningly devised trap of Tom.

Rita is devilishly clever, I think. Sly, tempermental, and intelligent. Good combination for a conniver. Poor Hermy, not quite up to the job of stopping someone that refuses to play by her rules! Good show there.

Triplets!!! OOF.

Good work with killing off the smiling buffoon.
Poor Luna - 20 meters up and still insane.

I still think Coedus is just plain cool. A better longbottom cannot be had for the money. Keep pushing Neville, my good author.

Cissy and Charlie! WOOT - Momma and Daddy, chaotic and sweet. Get that boy a nice excedrin spell, wouldya?


Loving it and still fanboy. For at least a couple more chapters...

JBern replied:

Oh it's doubtful that Harry would go looking for his parents, but what if they come looking for him....

Glad you liked this take on Rita.   Hopefully, I can maintain your fanboyishness until the end.~Jim

Gardengirl posted a comment on Tuesday 10th April 2007 2:43pm for According to the Plan

Nice note, Narcissa!

Great update, Jim!

Thanks :D

JBern replied:

Thanks.   Glad you liked it.~Jim

nezza posted a comment on Tuesday 10th April 2007 1:01pm for According to the Plan

My one problem with this chapter is the whole riddle stealing Harry’s parent's. I know you probably have a good scheme for it but I for one don't really care for it as a plot device.

I’m sorry but I just don’t agree with it.

Let me see the worlds most evil dark lord in a generation takes my parents bodies from their resting place to taunt me into coming out from the worlds most heavily warded and voldemort proof building. Let me think about this..... Err yeah I’ll walk straight into his trap. I don’t think so.

The Harry you've created here is no cannon pussy but at the same time he is sharper than your average Harry at least and follows his common sense when it comes to dangerous or possibly dangerous situations.

Other than you striking on possibly my one major fanfic peeve of all time it was a good chapter and the story has much potential sorry about the rant but I just hate that plot device.

JBern replied:

Wow!   When have you seen body snatching as a plot device?   I can't think of many times I have heard of that.   You'll have to wait and see what Voldy has in store for them and the Longbottoms for that matter...


Ken Warner posted a comment on Tuesday 10th April 2007 11:42am for According to the Plan

an excellent chapter - Poor Susan - triplets on the 1st pregnancy may end her desire for 'pollination' for a good long time.

the lecture on conditioning the cauldrons and verifying the cleanliness of ingredients was eye-opening in and of itself, and that he is double-minded in his use of it to assert control in the classroom is devious in the extreme.

Very nice to see Dolohov dead - I do hope you let Charlie recover though.
warmest regards - your stories are always gripping.

JBern replied:

Thanks.   Glad you liked it.   I don't recall triplets being used in many stories before, so I figured what the hey!  

I thought the Potions lecture was something that could just as easily been Snape, but it works so well.~Jim

Black Dragon Knight posted a comment on Tuesday 10th April 2007 11:35am for According to the Plan

Interesting chapter. I'm curious to see what Voldemort does with Harry's parents.

A little undecided about Susan having triplets, especially at this point in your story. But I'll wait and see what you do before going one or the other.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you wrap up this story.

JBern replied:

Well she's just barely pregnant, triplets won't be around for 8 months or so.   Glad you enjoyed the chapter.~Jim

Mark Weippert posted a comment on Tuesday 10th April 2007 10:22am for According to the Plan

I really enjoyed the scene with Rita, it's nice to see her play by her own rules, not being cowed by anyone.

JBern replied:

I love writing Rita.   Shameful isn't it?   Glad you liked it.~Jim

john2 posted a comment on Tuesday 10th April 2007 9:39am for According to the Plan

That's gauge, not gage, Jbern

Another great chappy.

JBern replied:

Ummmmm, maybe he wants to measure Harry's tensile wire strength?   Nah, fixed.   See what happens when I make last minute changes on my own...

Thanks for all your help.~Jim