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Bedrup posted a comment on Sunday 26th November 2006 10:45am for Black Widow Rush

There is so much I like about this chapter. Wormtails punishment. Lavenders dismissal of Voldemort. Delicious. Just to mention two examples. There ´s also a lot of nice gore. I ´m not to happy about Dobby, but hey, if you kill of a bunch of people I very well can ´t expect all deaths to agree with me, can I? But what a horrid cliffhanger. For shame.

JBern replied:

I have to credit IP82 for the Peter powered nightlight.   Voldemort had about a decade of hanging around in Albania waiting for his 'loyal' followers to find him.   I am willing to bet he had customized punishments for all of them.

Again, war is hell.   People die.   I had wanted to write Harry versus Snape in this chapter, but continuing the scene took away from the power of Dobby's sacrifice and the unintentional slaying of Fleur.~Jim

Renzo7 posted a comment on Sunday 26th November 2006 10:09am for Black Widow Rush

That's evil, you know... leaving us hanging like that... And Fleur, too, though it's not like she'll know...
Nice work overall, I liked the goblin scene and the description of what's happened so far in the battle. I expected Harry to get angry when Fleur killed Dobby, his lack of reaction there is somewhat confusing, especially given Dobby's parting words. Still, great work, keep it up and PLEASE try to update soon.

JBern replied:

Well, the chapter was a bear to finish.   Real life kept getting in the way.   In a way I felt bad for Fleur, but I actually felt worse when the plot took an evil turn on Luna.   Both those females play a strong role in Bungle in the Jungle.   I try and make it up to them there.

The shock over Dobby hasn't set in yet.   It will...


Crys posted a comment on Sunday 26th November 2006 9:29am for Black Widow Rush

Nice touches with Aberforth turning two deez to goats and Colin & Lavender.

*wince* Ouch. Sorry, Fleur.

I've said it before and I'm saying it again. Dark, gritty story, but fully believable for all that.

Oh, and welcome to FFA :)

JBern replied:

Thanks.   Well Aberforth always did have a thing for goats...

People expect my characters to be the same from story to story are usually quite surprised.   In Bungle, Fleur is a collected "together" kind of gal.   In this one she was the vain and slightly prissy person we first met in GoF.   She might already have been dying from the drug in her system.   The beauty of this is Harry will never know for sure.

Thanks again for the compliments and the welcome.   I'm glad to be here and hope to continue to prove that you folks made a good choice.


HermioneGreen posted a comment on Sunday 26th November 2006 9:12am for Black Widow Rush

A most awesome chapter. I'm glad harry was able to withstand her allure. I am still looking forward to the harry vs snape chapter. Keep up the good work

Thanks for sharing


JBern replied:

Thank you.   I really wanted to do the fight in this one, but as I wrote it.   There seemed to be something powerful in the death of both Dobby and Fleur.   With the chapter already a healthy read at slightly over 8000 words, I thought to go on would take away from the finish.   I hope that makes sense.


Sean Dillon posted a comment on Sunday 26th November 2006 8:54am for Black Widow Rush

Wormtail on a hamster wheel - interesting visual.

I guess Lavender's lifespan is now being measured in days instead of years. Hope Colin gets his pictures first.

Not a good night for the good guys.

JBern replied:

I have to credit IP82 for the rat powered nightlight.   Voldy had 10 long years waiting for one of his followers to come 'find him'.   I envisioned he would have custom tailored punishments for each.   Too bad Bella died before we could find out what hers would have been.

Originally, there was more of a direct threat to Lavender left in Aberforth's blood, but Voldemort is a busy man.   He's got other things on his mind than killing some Ministry busy body.   Still Lav ought to watch her step...