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Keats449 posted a comment on Wednesday 27th January 2010 3:06am for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

"Hack eyes Crookshanks appreciatively, no doubt wondering if the furball would make a warmer coat for those less formal occasions where Mrs. Norris’s color would be out of place."

Hack is fantastic.

Enjoyed the fight against the horcrux as well.

flynhghr posted a comment on Friday 20th November 2009 3:44pm for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

Oh, the scene with Snape is the stuff of my dreams. Showing that arsehole up is definitely one of the best things to happen yet. I'm terribly upset you did away with McGonagall, as she always seemed a fairly neutral character despite being overly strict. I wonder what plans you have for the future that she would interfere with. The Filch killing was gratuitus and just what I wanted to see happen to that particular sack of manure. The cat being made a pelt for Hack is a bit over the top, alls it ever did was follow orders of it's familiar. The Hermione scene was interesting, and it's quite a surprise she agreed to Harry's (not so) proposition. Poor girl must need a friend or something. The Luna scene was almost too much with the broom stunt, I don't think even a stoned Looney could really pull that off. I'm surprised Harry didn't bag the broom, wary about misc. curses. After all, the Weasleys cannot be trusted, wether or not the potion target switch and obliviation was their scheme.

fyrecat posted a comment on Sunday 28th December 2008 3:59pm for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

Wow, nothing like a nice, relaxing, uneventful couple of days to ease back into life at Hogwarts, eh?
It's a bit sad to see McGonagal go, but I cheered at the death of Filch.
The changes in Harry's Jaguar form are interesting. I look forward to learning more about that. The Daemonic infusion is obviously what sets Fawkes off about Harry and Hack. How long until everyone figures that out?

I'm definitely enjoying this sequel as much as the first!

Editorial notes: Mostly just typos.
"...surprised that the meat didn’t have move fight in it,..."
- have more fight in it,... remind yourself that you’re in an underground in a tunnel."
-'re in an underground tunnel. - OR - you're underground, in a tunnel. The first is better.

"’d rather not uses ..."
- rather not use ...

"Snap pounces,"
- Snape - typo

Brian Donnely posted a comment on Sunday 13th January 2008 8:52am for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

“Just think of me every time you put it between your legs." Hahaha, that's priceless, man. Great line.

I'd go through the rest of the funny incidents/great one liners, but then this review would very long, and I'm pressed for time at the moment. Though I will make special mention for Luna's handling of the Firebolt and Hack's new taste in fashion. Needless to say, I have learned from my previous mistake of drinking while reading this story. =P

Glad to see each Horcrux has different defenses, no redundancy here! I just wish Dumbledore was around when Harry used the Bloodfire, would've loved to see his reaction to that one. ;)

Great chapter.

JBern replied:

If you're going to put a piece of your soul into something, you should really think about defending it.  Since I'm not going the Deus Ex Machina route that JKR did, my versions of the Horcruxes aren't going out like chumps.  They won't be destroyed "off screen" as an after thought.  Remember, the Ravenclaw seerglass warned Harry that the cup would be the truest test of his skills.

Keep that in mind, because that means the fight on the 3rd floor was just a minor skirmish.  The real battles are still to come.~Jim

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Friday 11th January 2008 1:23am for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

Very good chapter.


JBern replied:


bauer posted a comment on Saturday 22nd December 2007 12:45am for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

Congratulations on your improved state of health. Although it matters little, I love your use of humor throughout your works. Great quips and comebacks make reading a good story even better. Thanks for your hard work.

JBern replied:

Thanks for the compliments.  I have a massive chapter 4 just waiting for final edits before posting.~Jim

delta16669 posted a comment on Thursday 29th November 2007 12:57pm for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

WHOOT! That was awesome. It does strike me as amusing that Ron flipped shit over Harry and Hermione together and now he's dating Lavender.

Cant wait for the next chapter

JBern replied:

Well once Ron started dating Hermione, they had issues.  It'll be explained along the way.  I'm starting in on chapter 4 this weekend.~Jim

11dan88 posted a comment on Monday 26th November 2007 12:52pm for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

Well I must congratulate you on having completed another great chapter here.

I love the way that you have Dumbledore characterized. Too often he is portrayed as a senile fool that somehow manages to control the entire world from the back seat.

The bit with Harry and Hermione really went to show just how much you have grown him as a character over the series. If that had happened in say the first half of Bungle she'd have been seriously injured I'd imagine.

As for the comic relief well, GOD wearing Mrs. Norris?!?!? Thats gotta be one of the most original bits that I've seen in awhile. I really couldn't stop laughing at that.

I'll be glad to see another chapter of Lie whenever you get that out.

JBern replied:

Fur is MURDER!   Or something like that.  I'm rather proud of Dumbledore in this story.  I'll be starting on chapter 4 of this one soon and you just got another chapter of Lie.  Hope you enjoyed.~Jim

kainboa posted a comment on Wednesday 14th November 2007 5:24am for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

great chapter as usual, love how harry doesn't think that snape can teach him anything.

keep up the great work :)

JBern replied:

More coming soon.  Lie chapter 8 first.~Jim

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Tuesday 13th November 2007 5:27am for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

Hehe at Draco Stinking Malfoy. I loved the description of the magic storm and the suggestion of a nice cup of tea being out of the question. Poor Katie, being left behind by Pomfrey is rough. Bloodfire is a brilliant concept, almost as enjoyable to read as spell chaining. LOL at Sweet Circe naked on a bed a sight I suspect Harry would enjoy very much. Voldefilch is a great word. I almost feel sorry for Filch, finally he gains power but only through possession by a Dark Lord. Nice use of Mrs Norris too.

Poor Minerva’s dead but that’s more of a “Oh well” moment than when you killed off Thundercloud. I liked the fact Harry quashed his guilt so quickly. The cases really weren’t the same.

I have to say there’s a kind of glee to the fight scenes in this and Bungle that is absent in TFTCD and that makes it even more enjoyable. The reader gets the sense that you were having great fun writing this.

I take it the Daemon blood has become part of Harry’s system now. Giggling at Snape’s nearest master. Nice to see you aren’t underestimating Dumbledore or making him no more than a foolish figurehead. Kwan’s comments were brilliant. LOL again at Harry considering stunning himself too rude. The tissue with jaguars and HJP on it was great, as was the reasoning behind his perfection of the spell. Bill dates a Veela. It’s hardly surprising he thinks there’s no such thing as bad sex. I loved Fleur’s euphemisms and it’s good to see rationality about Luna’s scent (no more sodding “strawberry scent” on bloody everything with no butterbeer odour the way other fanfics portray it). LOL again at Harry’s broom scene, especially the legs comment.

Loony Luna has such excellent comic value topped only by Hack. I loved the DADA class scene. So well done.

Left giggling and desperate for more as always. Superb chapter.

JBern replied:

Wow, that's a long review!  Thank you.  As always, I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter.  More is coming soon, but Lie 8 is up first.

This is a much more "fun" story.  Darkness was about a struggle inside and out.  Notice Harry isn't angsting too much here, he's just rolling with it.~Jim

fountaam posted a comment on Saturday 10th November 2007 5:24pm for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

I think a word to Hermione that Filch's cat turned monster killed McGonagall would make her approve of a fur being made of Mrs. Norris.

JBern replied:

Thanks.  Glad you enjoyed the chapter.  Next one coming soon.~Jim

sanghamitra posted a comment on Thursday 8th November 2007 8:09pm for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

Loooong time no seee, no read me bored ...... love english hack style ... even better than Hagrids. Maybe we should have some Omakes of Hacks adventures in Hogwarts, Hack and the orange furball, Who stole Hagrids pet, etc etc...

JBern replied:

Hack and Hagrid's paths will eventually cross.  I'm certain there will be some humor to be found there.~Jim

dboris posted a comment on Tuesday 6th November 2007 7:16pm for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

'Broyeur d'Os' would have been more correct than 'Moudre d’Os'.

The 'Moudre' verb is used generally to 'grind grain' (windmills)

Another thing... the scene when Mrs Norris spits the rests of McGonagall is confusing. I don't see how it would do that, I doubt even a big lion would swallow completly an animal body as large as a cat. I'd rather have something like McGonagall's (transformed) head in Mrs. Norris's jaw.

Anyway it's a good chapter, good job.

JBern replied:

Hmm, thanks.  My online translator came up with Moudre.  I'll add this to my list of housekeeping for this story.~Jim

Mark Blaine posted a comment on Saturday 3rd November 2007 4:45pm for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

I like this. Hermy is learning.

JBern replied:

But not quickly enough is she?~Jim

Robin Hood posted a comment on Saturday 3rd November 2007 6:02am for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

I really liked your story when I read it all together, but reading this chapter all by its lonesome, it seem absolutely absurd.

JBern replied:

Sorry, I can only write so fast.~Jim

Cxjenious posted a comment on Saturday 3rd November 2007 5:55am for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

Fuckin' awesome!

JBern replied:

Um, thanks I guess.  Next chapter coming soon.~Jim

penguins4me posted a comment on Thursday 1st November 2007 3:47pm for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

Butt nugget! lol, who can I call a butt nugget? Anyway, naughty phrases aside, that was a great chapter. And is there any better way to end it than with insulting Snape? I think not. Very good job. Please keep up the good work. And keep it up here. I hate trolling through the sludge on to find the good stuff. It's all on better sites now anyway. Oh, and I demand more of your Luna. I already can't think of her any other way than the way you write her. She's so leading a double life. And I like her humor. And the humor she lends to Harry in the situations he finds himself in. Write, man, cause you do it so well. :)

JBern replied:

Actually a few of my helpers thought it was a weak ending.  Glad you liked it though.  I hope you found someone to call a butt nugget.  I'm not going to shoe horn Luna into the story.  Harry will be very much in the limelight and Luna is slightly uncomfortable with it, especially if she has to try and 'be normal'.~Jim

Ronnee posted a comment on Wednesday 31st October 2007 9:57am for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

LOL. The author's note is amusing. This story is as great as the first part. I will wait impatiently for the next piece just as I did for the others. Great job. thanks

JBern replied:

Glad you liked my author's notes.  I'm not certain why I warrant someone pretending to be my friend out there just to rile up the fans by saying I'm in ill health.  (Though my foot really hurts today!  Does that count?)  I hope the story continues to impress you.~Jim

cjonbloodletter posted a comment on Wednesday 31st October 2007 4:18am for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen

Hey man, nice Chapter. I loved the Mrs. Norris furcoat thing with Hack, gave me a good laugh right in the middle of the library where I just happened to be reading it. Much shushing later, I am chaptised. Keep it up I can't wait for your next chapter.

JBern replied:

I should get someone to draw that as a picture.  Hack wearing Mrs. N across his chest like a tribal chieftan. Next chapter coming soon.~Jim

liquidfyre posted a comment on Tuesday 30th October 2007 10:38am for The Craziest Boy You've Ever Seen



or in other words lol on the mmmmm buttnugget

good update and am looking forward to more

JBern replied:

Well my foot is kind of sore today, but that's the closest I've come to death (knock on wood).  Thanks for the review.  My apologies for the tardy reply.  Next chapter coming soon.~Jim