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bigzj51 posted a comment on Wednesday 25th July 2007 11:33am for Utter Chaos

Good update. I always enjoy reading your stuff and can't wait for more!

JBern replied:

Thanks.   Next update in 2 short weeks.~Jim

skulLXeon posted a comment on Wednesday 25th July 2007 10:45am for Utter Chaos

He snapped and went on a rampage...
Never thought Neville had it in him for a rampage...
now that was interesting..
and the minister of magic doing the whole rabbit hole thing, it was funny...
good work...
you keep surprising me... but its good... better off than Deathly Hallows to me anyway... :(
so Adios for now...
and see you when you update...


JBern replied:

Thank you for the kind words.   DH was a disappointment to me, but I'm clearly not JKR's target audience.   Next chapter in 2 weeks.   I hope I can continue surprising you to the end and promise that my epilogue won't leave you hanging like that.~Jim

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Wednesday 25th July 2007 10:34am for Utter Chaos

Good fight scene, very exciting.

And I can see reasons why you have the whole Neville subplot; showing how the line between good guys and bad guys can be pretty arbitrary and how easy it is to cross.

But honestly, it's been rather depressing and has largely felt, to me, like a distraction from the real story. So I can't say I'm sorry that Neville's run is over.

Still, thanks for sharing this with us.

JBern replied:

I'm kind of glad to be rid of that sub-plot as well.   It did go on slightly longer than it should have.   War does have a way of bringing out the worst in all of us.   Next chapter in 2 weeks.   Thanks for all the reviews.~Jim

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Wednesday 25th July 2007 10:33am for Utter Chaos

Fastastic, gruesome, morbid, well done chapter.

No one in HP fanfiction has ever come close to what you conceived and executed for Neville Logbottom. I highly prize originality and unique plot twists.

Poor Ginny.


JBern replied:

When completed, I hope this will be the Saving Private Ryan of HP fanfics - a brutal and disturbing vision of what a wizarding war would really look like.~Jim

CFeagle posted a comment on Wednesday 25th July 2007 9:04am for Utter Chaos

very appropriate chapter title.
good story, a lot of deaths though, I wonder if there's going to be anyone left at the end:P
I didn't like it that malfoy killed neville it just didn't feel right, if you had to kill neville at least have greengrass do it...
but despite that I really like this story so can't wait till the next chapter:)

JBern replied:

It was tempting to let Daphne do it, but I wanted the whole Draco vs Neville thing - it seemed more fitting.   Thanks for the review.   Next chapter in 2 weeks.~Jim

matrixcrawler posted a comment on Wednesday 25th July 2007 8:50am for Utter Chaos

Ok, good chapter. Nice to see you doing a bit of cleaning the house.

JBern replied:

Well trying to bring the story to a conclusion means I have to end the sub plots.   Some of them end rather brutally....~Jim