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Mistress of Potions posted a comment on Friday 24th July 2015 11:07am

More please?

Kairan1979 posted a comment on Monday 15th December 2014 4:56pm

It's a shame it wasn't finished.

I liked your Trewlaney-raised Harry, who rode the giant rooster and used the Blood Quill to defeat Tom Riddle.

I can only imagine his adventures in Sixth and Seventh Years.

AlexanderLogan posted a comment on Friday 10th May 2013 6:41pm

okay see here is what messes with me.... you're telling me there are no spells to send a ghost onwards or even destroy them... im pretty sure that not everyone wants a ghost to stay in a specific area.... and dumbledore lets a ghost who admits that he knows a lot of secrets AND that hes going to bring voldie back just go???????

20cent posted a comment on Wednesday 8th May 2013 11:31pm

Best HP Fanfic ever ! You chosed such an original angle - divination - and you revisited cleverly this unknown and disregarded field and the Trelawney character. The way you write is really amazing and sets a delighting ambiance to the story. And the way Harry deals with the cannon situation are often clever and hilarious. A giant pet rooster named Colonel Sanders, come on, I almost choked while laughing. A sherry-fozen dementor ! Year of the Cock/Rat ! Where do you find all these ideas !? The scene with the squid is awesome too, and I love the idea of an armed Kreacher enforcing good manners in Sirius' Home. The way you deal with the Horcruxe makes a lot of sense and is really clever. And reading about Luna always makes me smile, and you deal perfectly with her character.

I'd be delighted to read further chapters !

Zevi posted a comment on Sunday 16th December 2012 7:46pm

This was a very funny chapter, I am enjoying this story.

noylj posted a comment on Wednesday 4th January 2012 6:02pm

Hope you will finish this great story.

whitefish066 posted a comment on Sunday 27th March 2011 6:27pm

This is an Awesome story, I love the unique ideal of Harry being a seer; Harry and Luna getting together also increases its stock. You have me constantly laughing as I read. I'll have to check out some of your other stories now.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Thursday 2nd September 2010 5:57am

LOL at Harry being worried about having to buy Padma diamonds. I also loved the way he dreamt the title of her book as a way to identify her.

Kreacher with Dudley's Smeltings stick is a very worrying image, but also very funny.

The finding of Rowena's diadem was great. Loved the love life of the staircases.

Oh good gods, she's possessed by Tom? That's really gross. Loved Luna to the rescue. Poor Padma, but she did rather bring it on herself.

LOL at Luna's "batshit insane" comment. Loved that whole scene. Luna naming her breasts Tweedledum and Tweedledee is just perfect. Great chapter.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Thursday 2nd September 2010 4:52am

Laughed my head off at the image of Padma locking Harry up in a laboratory. I was entertained by Padma generally.

Peter in Bertha's body? That's revolting. Poor Bertha!

Love the idea of cheating by learning Mermish to talk to the Giant Squid.

Very funny way to end the GoF big denouement. I was most entertained. I also want to see Colonel Sanders do the chicken dance!

LKK posted a comment on Saturday 26th June 2010 1:56am

Well that's quite an unexpected ending. Go Luna! Anyway, it's quite fascinating to see how Harry reacts to all of the canon situations. I loved the delcious irony of naming the giant pet chicken Colonel Sanders >.< I found amusing the 14-year-old Harry's reference to what he did with Lavender, naked frolicking indeed. Love the fic!

karl131058 posted a comment on Sunday 9th May 2010 11:43am

"Save the Unicorn, save the world" :)
That really made my day, I couldn't stop laughing - so, obviously Harry's gonna be one of the "Heroes", despite him being Luna-too-early ...

Now, do go on, please...

...on the other hand, I'm really looking forward to a sequel to "The Lie I've lived".

Thank you for lots of great reading so far.
I'm off to the second chapter...


The Crow posted a comment on Sunday 21st March 2010 6:11am

Can't say I was a big fan of this at the beginning,
but the the humour in this latest chapter is pretty good.

"Did you hear what they were talking about?" Ron asked lips smacking together and pieces of moist bread rocketing out of his gaping maw.


Keep it up.

0x517A5D posted a comment on Wednesday 17th March 2010 9:50pm

Plus, he generally feels taken for granted

Shouldn't that be 'taken for granite?'

Dracolych69 posted a comment on Sunday 21st February 2010 1:08am

This chapter is a prime example of why I read your work. Always new and interesting directions.

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Saturday 20th February 2010 9:49pm

<chuckle> Yeah, that was a nice homage to "Flowers". This was a fun , yet poignant, chapter. I do hope Padma gets better while also hoping that matters develop famously between Harry & Luna.

Gardengirl posted a comment on Friday 19th February 2010 8:21pm

Hey Jim - I read this a few days ago and promised myself I'd come back to review! While the Padma-as-"Flowers from Algernon"-character was very, very moving, what really stuck with me was the Kreacher-with-Smelting-stick bit. I don't like angst much, and Kreacher whapping misbehaving wizards for not wiping their feet REALLY made me smile. This was a great chapter - it retains its rather tongue-in-cheek character while dealing with hard topics respectfully. Great job!

Fenris Ulf posted a comment on Tuesday 16th February 2010 4:20pm

Another great update! This story is a really fun read I reread everything after you posted this chapter and it was as much fun the second read as the first! Can't wait for more :)

I am excited to see that your working on a sequal to Dead Eye I'm gonna have to look up ConCarolinas to see how much longer I have to wait.

WorldOfLilyEvans posted a comment on Monday 15th February 2010 5:32pm

That last line is so cute!

And Auntie Sybill still sleeps in his bedroom? Poor, poor Harry.

-xxx- Malou

rune1806 posted a comment on Sunday 14th February 2010 11:40am

A house elf with a stick teaching the redheads manners was very funny, as was Umbitch. I enjoyed how you slowly made Padma into Voldie and liked the goodbye on the tower, very well done. Is it had to write H.P. without anyone dieing and no naked Fleur for you?? lol

luckykas posted a comment on Saturday 13th February 2010 3:15pm

Another great chapter... Loved the part about Kreacher with the stick. Ron being well mannered in eating was hilarious. That one exchange conveyed the sincerity of Kreacher's efforts more than any number of paragraphs you could have written on the matter.

Why would Sirius not get his home cleaned properly now that he is cleared by law? With so many horcruxes destroyed already I am very curious about what will happen in the next chapters.

A bit of a bittersweet ending to this year. Looking forward to updates to your fics as well as Dead Eye sequel.